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Marvel's She-Hulk Is Trying Really Hard To Win You Back With A New Image

The discourse surrounding Marvel's new Disney+ series "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" has been as long as it has been thorough. Tatiana Maslany is portraying Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner's (Mark Ruffalo) cousin who also has the power to turn into a big green monster. And though the actor received acclaim (and an Emmy) for portraying almost every character on "Orphan Black," the reaction to the "She-Hulk" trailer was less than ideal. It had already been established that She-Hulk will be completely CGI, but many viewers were shocked to see that the graphics for the new character did not measure up to what we saw of Banner's Hulk in previous films.

She-Hulk's divisive appearance was addressed by the director of the series, Kat Coiro, who noted that Jennifer Walters looks different to viewers because they are unaccustomed to her. But now the questions around how She-Hulk was designed may actually start to make sense. A new image of Maslany as the titular character has surfaced on Twitter, and it appears that some tweaks were made. 

The new image makes She-Hulk look better than ever

Following the backlash to the CGI in the "She-Hulk" trailer, it would appear that some steps have been taken to remedy Jennifer Walters' look for the upcoming Disney+ series. Fan account @SestraHulk posted an image of She-Hulk to their Twitter page, which they credit to SFX Magazine. While the image itself is a simple close-up shot of the character's face, it does look more polished and less uncanny than what we saw in the trailer. In fact, fans on Twitter responded to the tweet to express their relief at the apparent upgrade in the CGI effects.

"Oh, wow, she looks REALLY good. CGI definitely isn't an issue here," commented @LLispyLizard. Others were in total agreement. "[L]ooks wayyyy better now," @MitchNoFear posted, while @UniverseOfFlash had some words of advice for fans who were nervous after seeing the trailer. "If it one thing I learned from Marvel Studios so far is that when it comes to their VFX, what is shown in first trailers don't reflect on the final working product (at least in most known cases)," they tweeted, "and that a little patience is required to see what is really coming."

Fans will have to wait until "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" premieres on Disney+ on August 17 to truly see how it all turns out.