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Nintendo Finally Makes The Major Content Play We've All Been Waiting For

Nintendo has been making some major plays in terms of bringing its characters into new mediums. Pokémon got the live-action, big-screen treatment courtesy of "Detective Pikachu." And soon, Mario himself will once again pop up on people's screens. There may already be a live-action Mario movie out there, but this time around promises to be different, with Illumination at the helm producing an animated Mario flick for people of all ages to enjoy. Chris Pratt will play the famous plumber.

That may seem like a lot, but the truth of the matter is that Nintendo's leaving a lot on the table. Nintendo owns a ton of properties that are just ripe for adaptation, and no doubt plenty of fans would love to see their favorite games transformed into viable movies and shows. While it always seemed like a pipe dream (no pun intended), it looks like Nintendo's finally about to give fans what they want. The company has recently acquired its own anime studio, opening the door for numerous possibilities.

Nintendo has acquired Dynamo Pictures

Dynamo Pictures has helped produce some stellar content over the years, from "Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness" to "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero." It seems Nintendo wants to utilize that quality for its own devices, and it's entered an agreement to acquire the company and rename it Nintendo Pictures. The acquisition will allow Nintendo to develop its own content based on its properties more accessibly. That means in the near future, we could very well see anime based on the likes of "Metroid" and "Animal Crossing." Perhaps multiple anime could lead into a shared universe resulting in a "Super Smash Bros." series. One can dream.

As ComicBook.com mentions, it's also possible for the acquisition to aid in Nintendo's games as well. Cutscenes are nothing new in video games, and the studio could be responsible for working on that. But the most exciting aspect of this deal by far involves new anime projects, including TV shows, movies, and OVA specials. 

According to Nintendo's release, the acquisition is expected to close on October 3, 2022, pending everything going according to plan. From there, it may take a while to see any new Nintendo projects forthcoming, but still, the news is incredibly exciting for Nintendo fans who have long wanted to see their favorite characters in more mediums. Now excuse us as we wait patiently for a new Kirby anime.