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The Walking Dead Plotline Some Fans Still Feel Was A Huge Mistake

Using Robert Kirkman's comic book title of the same name, AMC launched a small screen dynasty in the form of "The Walking Dead." Beginning in 2010, the series brought viewers into a world of danger and decay, where zombies walk the Earth in search of the few remaining humans so they can make a meal of them. However, those who have evaded infection refuse to go down without a fight, boldly combatting the undead hordes by any means necessary. Of course, this is just one facet that the program has put on display over the years.

For as much as "The Walking Dead" focuses on survival in a post-apocalyptic world, it covers plenty of other ideas and themes as well. The re-establishment of civilization, overcoming personal and collective trauma, dealing with loss, and more have taken the spotlight to great effect. In that same vein, other conflicts and stories among the living have taken precedent over their navigation of the zombie outbreak. While some of these have kept viewers glued to their screens, others have had the opposite effect and actively turned fans away.

Of the countless storylines that have featured on "The Walking Dead" throughout its 11 seasons, fans can't help but agree that this one was a huge misstep. Here's why they feel this way.

Fans still believe killing Carl was the wrong move

A staple of "The Walking Dead" since the first season, Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) practically grew up right before viewers' eyes. He and his dad, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), as well as their revolving door of companions, stuck by each other through thick and thin, overcoming one obstacle after the next. However, the unthinkable finally happened in Season 8's "Honor" when Carl died, having no choice but to take his own life after a walker bit him on the torso. Rick and the crew were devastated, much like the fans, who assert that Carl's demise is one of the worst miscalculations in "Walking Dead" history.

"Killing Carl was the first time I felt the show had made a huge irreversible mistake. You could tell that so many members of the cast hated the decision too," wrote Redditor u/Anarya7, with several others chiming in with similar feelings. On the other hand, while it wasn't easy to leave "TWD" behind, and he didn't find the way Carl's death played out ideal, Chandler Riggs is just happy to have enjoyed the run on the show that he did. "It was just an incredible experience being able to be part of a family like that for so, so long and to grow up on a show that got to where it is now. That just doesn't happen ever," Riggs said at Wizard World 2020 (via The Sun).

So many beloved characters have died on "The Walking Dead" — Chandler Riggs' Carl Grimes among them. It's just too bad that his goodbye and the story that followed didn't hit the right note for some fans.