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Ms. Marvel Fans Are Scratching Their Heads Over This DODC Detail In The Finale

Spoilers for "Ms. Marvel" Season 1, Episode 6

The epic culmination of "Ms. Marvel" offers a slightly different finale than most MCU properties. Where other shows may have a CGI-laden and super-powered showdown against epic threats, "Ms. Marvel" instead deals with a very human obstacle that has been present from the start of the show. Throughout the series, several agents from the Department of Damage Control are shown to be hot on the trail of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), and later Kamran (Rish Shah), due to their mysterious powers. These field agents of DODC are led by Sadie Deever (Alysia Reiner), a ruthless commanding officer who has no qualms about trampling over inalienable rights.

The single-minded dedication of Deever is put on full display in the final episode of Season 1 of "Ms. Marvel" when she orders what is essentially a siege of a local high school when it becomes apparent that Kamala and her friends are hiding out there. Kamala and her allies take a page from the movie "Home Alone" and booby-trap the school, utilizing fire extinguishers to create a smoke screen that leaves the agents of the DODC in a state of confusion. Although Deever is told to stand down by her superior, she ignores this order and attacks the young super-powered individuals while in full view of the public. Several fans have already begun to analyze these scenes, and it appears as if some have some questions regarding the operating procedures of the Department of Damage Control.

Fans don't think the non-lethal weapons are non-lethal

Starting the conversation on Reddit, u/piebypie wrote, "I'm loving how the stakes of this fight are entirely non lethal ..." They cited the booby-trapped school and alternate weaponry in their statement, which was met with a deluge of responses. Redditor u/SmallAsianChick said, "'Non-lethal' That blast gun blew a hole through a concrete wall! And one of the shots was aimed at their heads. No way that was non-lethal lol." The original commenter then replied, "Seems to be sorta conveniently non lethal when aimed at people but inanimate objects beware."

Others also pondered what exactly was going on with the Department of Damage Control and their inconsistent sonic guns. Commenter u/mmcjawa speculated that the guns are meant for superheroes, and although non-lethal to them, they certainly would be devastating to a normal human being. Meanwhile, u/LostWoodsInTheField also had their own theory, and said they felt like the agents of the DODC were increasing the power of their guns as they were met with resistance. 

Overall, it seems that many fans weren't convinced that the DODC were truly being mindful of how lethal their assault had the potential to be. Commenter u/Cypher_86 even joked, "It's non-lethal the same way Batman is 'non lethal.'"