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Netflix Launching Stranger Things Discussion Show

After more than a year and change of waiting, content-starved audiences are about to have more Stranger Things than they'll know what to do with as Netflix has announced it will add to its library a discussion-based Stranger Things companion show, and you can watch the teaser for the upcoming series now.

More information on the project was detailed by Varietyincluding the title for the companion series: Beyond Stranger Things. It will be hosted by Academy Award-winning screenwriter and Community alum Jim Rash.

Like these roundtable shows tend to do, the series will feature the creative team and actors for the series, including series creators Matt and Ross Duffer as well as executive producer Shawn Levy. Subjects of discussion will include behind-the-scenes stories, the nostalgia-tinged inspiration for the setpieces of Stranger Things season two, and more. 

In the teaser, you can see the main cast of children hanging out and shooting the bull around a game of Dungeons & Dragons—which, okay, we'd probably give that show a shot.

It remains to be seen if the aftershow model popularized by AMC's Talking Dead (not to mention Talking Bad, Talking Saul, After the Thrones and some sixty thousand independent recap shows on the internet) will prove successful on Netflix itself, with the recent failure of its talk show Chelsea proving that not every format is a surefire winner on the streaming service. 

But with the streaming service being in such an eager development period, the risk calculus on a show that is in all likelihood dirt cheap to produce probably amounts to something like "why not?"

Beyond Stranger Things will premiere its seven episodes simultaneously with the second season of its sister show on October 27—so maybe carve out another couple of hours on the weekend for your binge-watch if you want to see it all.