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The Subtle Way Sons Of Anarchy's Jax Changed After Becoming President

Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) was a complicated fella on FX's "Sons of Anarchy." As an important member of the criminal motorcycle gang SAMCRO, he had to make some big decisions that led to lots of people getting hurt. This was especially true after he became the president of the club following Clay's (Ron Perlman) departure, which caused even more problems for Jax and his crew. 

As the president of SAMCRO, Jax did terrible things that were difficult to ignore. Whether he was killing people who didn't deserve to die, or dragging his charter deeper into the criminal underworld, his behavior often pushed the limits of his antiheroism. Of course, it's long been said that great power comes with great responsibility, and Jax learned that the hard way. The SAMCRO leader arguably changed for the worse as time progressed on "Sons of Anarchy."

Still, while it's easy to focus on all of the drama he created, it's worth noting that Jax underwent some aesthetic changes after he became SAMCRO's president. They were just easy to overlook amid all of the carnage and chaos that took place on the FX series. 

Jax changed his clothes after becoming the president of SAMCRO

Throughout the first four seasons of "Sons of Anarchy," Jax typically wore white t-shirts underneath his leather kutte. Sometimes he'd throw on a hoodie to spice things up, but for the most part, he was all about the short-sleeved attire. While speaking to Huffington Post in 2015, Charlie Hunnam revealed that Jax's look was modeled after a real-life biker whom he befriended while doing research for the show, and he made it a point to honor his buddy on the series. 

That said, most three-dimensional characters evolve to some extent, and Jax's growth as a character from Season 5 onward was reflected in his appearance. As soon as he accepted the SAMCRO leadership position, Jax started favoring long-sleeved flannels over t-shirts and hoodies.

It's never explained why Jax changed his style. However, the fact it coincided with his appointment as SAMCRO's president suggests that he wanted to be taken more seriously.