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Channel Zero's Third Season Title And Cast Revealed In Teaser

The second season of Syfy's creepy horror anthology series Channel Zero has only just come to a close, but already the network has released a full-fledged teaser, as well as extensive character information and a cast list for the upcoming third season.

The third season of Channel Zero will be subtitled Butcher's Block, and will be directed in its entirety by Arkasha Stevenson, according to Deadline.

Based on the viral internet story "Search and Rescue Woods" by Kerry Hammond, Butcher's Block will follow a young woman named Alice Woods, a newcomer to a city that has been suffering a plague of mysterious disappearances. 

Shortly after her arrival, she begins to hear rumors of mysterious staircases in the worst neighborhoods of the city that may somehow be connected to the disappearing people. Teaming up with her older sister Zoe, she goes in search of the supernatural horror that's responsible for snatching people away.

Alice will be played by Olivia Luccardi, most recognizable from her recent role as the lead in the well-received horror film It Follows. She will be joined in the cast by Rutger Hauer of Blade RunnerThe Hitcher, and Hobo with a Shotgun, playing a 1950s meatpacking entrepreneur who became a recluse out of distress and later vanished following the murder of his daughter. 

Holland Roden from Teen Wolf will also appear as Alice's sister Zoe, a jaded young woman who has spent her life battling with mental illness, along with Brandon Scott of Wreck-It Ralph as Luke Vanczyk, a world-weary young cop whose father happens to be the city's chief of police. 

Rounding out the cast will be Krisha Fairchild, star of Krisha and The Killing of John Lennon as a retired journalist named Louise, who is spending her spare time practicing taxidermy and writing a book about the disappearances in the city.

Channel Zero was created by Nick Antosca, debuting in the fall of 2016 with its first six-episode season, Candle Cove. Its second season, No-End House, ran for six episodes this year. If that pattern repeats, you can likely expect Butcher's Block to debut six new episodes of the anthology series in fall 2018.

You can check out the teaser for Channel Zero: Butcher's Block above.