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Marvel's Ironheart Adds A Solo: A Star Wars Story Alum To Its Ranks

Marvel Studios took its first crack at streaming in early 2021 via "WandaVision." The Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-led Disney+ series proved immensely popular across its nine-episode run, making it abundantly clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a future on the small screen. The likes of "Loki," "Moon Knight," and "Ms. Marvel" have followed and found varying levels of success, yet they're far from the MCU's last Disney+ original shows. Plenty of other titles are on their way down the production pipeline, including the highly anticipated "Ironheart."

"Ironheart" puts the spotlight on genius inventor Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne), who uses her incredible knowledge to construct a suit of armor not unlike those made famous by Tony "Iron Man" Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). What the story of her six-episode solo series will entail remains under wraps at the time of this writing, and little casting information has come to light. What we do know is that the likes of Anthony Ramos and Manny Montana have joined Thorne on the project, as well as quite a surprising yet welcomed addition to the production's ranks.

On July 12, 2022, it was revealed that a "Solo: A Star Wars Story" alum has signed the dotted line to appear on "Ironheart."

Alden Ehrenreich will join the MCU via Ironheart

As reported by Deadline, Alden Ehrenreich has joined the cast of Disney+'s "Ironheart" in an undisclosed role, marking his debut in the MCU. For those who don't recall, Ehrenreich most famously took the baton from Harrison Ford to play a younger version of the iconic space smuggler Han Solo in 2018's "Solo: A Star Wars Story." As of publication, no one from Marvel has commented on Ehrenreich's casting.

Though "Solo" didn't pan out quite as well as those involved hoped it would, that hasn't stopped Ehrenreich from keeping busy across Hollywood in the years since. Most notably, he portrayed John the Savage on the 2020 series "Brave New World" and will make an appearance in director Christopher Nolan's 2023 film "Oppenheimer," which chronicles the creation of the atomic bomb in the early 20th century.

Time will tell how Alden Ehrenreich will factor into "Ironheart," so we'll all have to keep our eyes peeled for more information about his inclusion as it becomes available.