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The Least Likable Harry Potter Main Character, According To 32% Of Fans

The "Harry Potter" franchise is littered with memorable characters who will stand the test of time. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are arguably the best of the bunch, but as the main protagonists in the books and film adaptations, they're easy to celebrate. However, there are sections of the "Harry Potter" fan base who appreciate the baddies too, proving that despicable villains can be just as enjoyable as the bravest heroes. That's why some Death Eaters can be found on the list of "Harry Potter" characters who deserve their own origin stories

Unfortunately, not every character from the "Harry Potter" canon is universally adored by fans of the Wizarding World. Some of them are annoying and deserve to have a Silencio spell cast on them. Of course, there's nothing wrong with that as insufferable characters can be effective and memorable in their own way. And when it comes to the "Harry Potter" saga, there is one notable Hogwarts student who's considered more dislikable than the other witches and wizards.

Draco Malfoy is the least likable Harry Potter main character

Looper recently ran a poll asking fans of the "Harry Potter" saga in the United to vote for their least favorite main character. 575 people answered the call, and the results of the survey revealed that some participants would need to sip on an amortentia potion before they could enjoy Draco Malfoy. The mischievous Slytherin received 32.00% of the total ballots, officially making him the most disliked "Harry Potter" main character. Of course, that's hardly surprising considering that Draco was mostly portrayed as a Muggle-hating bully with evil parents.

That said, some of the series' more heroic characters didn't fare well in the poll, either. Harry, for instance, finished in second place with 16.35% of the votes, putting him ahead of the moody Snape, who received 11.65%. Hagrid finished fourth with 8.87%, while Ron and Ginny finished in fifth and sixth place, commanding 8.70% and 8.17% of the ballots, respectively.

Elsewhere, Hermione and Dumbledore finished at the bottom of the list, thus making them the most likable main characters. They both received 7.13% of the votes.