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Harley Quinn Season 3 Trailer Has Fans All Saying The Same Thing About Ivy

Harley Quinn's self-titled animated series is one of those delightful gems that handles a story centered around an objectively horrible person well. Variety thought so. The Verge thought so. Even Vox thought so. That's a lot of v's for only three sentences, but the point stands — "Harley Quinn" is good. Fortunately, that critical praise apparently translated to audience viewership, too, because the bat-bearing Brooklyn baddie is back (too much?) for another round of animation gold with the series' third season. 

To rev up excitement for the upcoming season, HBO Max dropped a brand new trailer that showed off some of the content fans could expect, including the introduction of Nightwing, Batman's first Robin-all-grown-up. That being said, the aspect which captured fans' attention most keenly was Poison Ivy, whom the trailer featured heavily, and in a potentially new, interesting role. 

Fans are surprised that Poison Ivy might be the main antagonist

For ease of access, the "Harley Quinn" trailer was uploaded to YouTube, where the highest-rated comment came from Adam Grunther, who said, "I was not expecting to see Ivy as the possible big bad of this season, seeing she's always been the most reasonable member of the group but I'm all here for it." For those who haven't watched the trailer yet, it seems as if a not-insignificant amount of screen time will be devoted to Poison Ivy terraforming Gotham so that it can be better suited for plant life to thrive. While possibly unrelated (trailers love to recontextualize), King Shark mentions that one of Poison Ivy's plans is "even more of a disaster than a Harley plan."

There are numerous shots of greenery consuming the city, along with Harley seemingly teaming up with Batgirl (again, trailers recontextualize), and even some of Joker mocking the Joaquin Phoenix movie. That last bit is totally irrelevant, but it is pretty funny, right? While Poison Ivy's power set deserves primary villain status — something the animated series explicitly references in the second season — fans shouldn't worry about this destroying her budding relationship with Harley Quinn.

In an interview with Syfy, Justin Halpern stated, "We don't want to do a third season where it feels like the stakes are [whether] Harley and Ivy stay together. It's much more interesting to do a show about how you navigate these very different personalities being in a relationship." After offering different ways that their relationship could be tested and improved, he concluded by reaffirming that they were going to stay a couple, plain and simple.

With that worry well squashed, tear it all down, Ivy: you've earned it.