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American Pickers' Danielle Colby Has A Creepy Obsession That Will Make You Squirm

Fans of reality television and antiques probably associate Danielle Colby with "American Pickers," the History Channel series which sees her scour junkyards, basements, barns, and garages in search of artifacts that could turn a tasty profit. Hailed by fans as the Queen of Rust, Colby has been a mainstay on the show since its debut back in 2010, and her contributions to the series have been key to its success.

Of course, there is more to Colby than finding value in old antiques and being a successful television personality. According to Vizaca, the 46-year-old's other passions include history, activism, fashion, dancing, filmmaking, and being a mother. While Colby's fans love seeing her on the History series (except for maybe that episode in which she went a little too far), many of them would probably enjoy a reality show that explored some of her other obsessions as well.

All of Colby's passions are certainly interesting, but some of them aren't exactly mainstream. In fact, the "American Pickers" host has one obsession that it's bound to make some of her fans squirm in their boots.

Danielle Colby is obsessed with bugs

Some "American Pickers" viewers might have noticed a fly tattoo on Danielle Colby's left arm. It turns out that bugs have a special place in the Queen of Rust's heart, as she is a passionate entomologist and entomophile. In simple terms, she's obsessed with bugs and learning all about them. In an interview with Yuppie Punk, Colby discussed her fascination with bugs, revealing that she plans on dedicating most of the ink on her left arm to insects.

Bugs aren't everyone's idea of a good time, but when one considers Colby's other interests, her bug obsession isn't all that surprising. She's someone who's fascinated with obscure topics, ranging from punk music to the art of burlesque. Still, bugs are arguably her creepiest interest as many people are terrified of them, with insectophobia being especially prevalent in the United States (per Very Well Mind). 

It would be interesting to see the "American Pickers" mainstay go into detail about entomology on a reality show, but the world might not be ready for that yet.