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Winchester Trailer Brings A Haunted House To Life

One of the most notorious haunted houses in the world will get a starring role in its own horror movie, and you can see the scares in store in the movie's teaser trailer now.

Winchester stars Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester, an heiress to an arms manufacturing fortune who invested her millions into building an elaborate home that is today known as the Winchester Mystery House. 

Labyrinthine in design and filled with such intriguing quirks as corridors that lead nowhere and mysterious doors that open into thin air, the San Jose-based mansion has loomed large in popular culture over the decades. According to tabloid legend, Winchester built the endlessly expanding home on the advice of a psychic, who told her the residence would serve to house the restless spirits of people whose lives had been taken by a Winchester rifle.

Winchester takes that legend and makes it fancifully real, casting Mirren as a haunted woman of questionable sanity and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' Jason Clarke as Dr. Eric Price, a medical professional who comes to visit Sarah at her home. Soon, he begins to realize there may be more truth to the old woman's talk of spirits than he initially gave her credit for.

The horror movie is directed by brothers Peter and Michael Spierig, an Australian filmmaking duo who have also directed DaybreakersPredestination and Jigsaw. The movie was written by the Spierig brothers and Tom Vaughan, and is being produced by CBS Films and Lionsgate.

In addition to Mirren and Clarke, Winchester also stars Sarah Snook, Angus Sampson, Laura Brent, and Tyler Coppin. It will be released on Feb. 2, 2018.