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The Iconic Spider-Man Villain You Likely Didn't Know Starred On Solar Opposites

"Solar Opposites" is just your average sitcom about a family of aliens who try to assimilate to life on Earth, all while waiting for their Pupa to terraform the planet to be more to their liking. You know, typical T.G.I.F. stuff going on. 

However, in case you need some more plotlines to follow, "Solar Opposites" has one of the greatest B-stories going on simultaneously with the main plot. You see, as the aliens go about their business turning people into rats and whatnot, Yumyulack shrinks people down whenever they offend him and puts them in the Wall. This is a terrarium located in their bedroom where all of the shrunken people pick up the pieces of their lives and try to find a way in this new society. 

Due to the utter weirdness going on, you'd be forgiven if you hadn't noticed some of the voice actors who were part of this Wall B-plot. Some serious talent has hopped onboard the animated series, including Christina Hendricks, Rainn Wilson, and Sterling K. Brown. But there's one character in the Wall who's voiced by someone arguably even bigger than all of those, so much so that he's appeared in multiple "Spider-Man" movies.

Spider-Man 2's Alfred Molina plays The Duke on Solar Opposites

Alfred Molina is a prolific actor with numerous credits to his name. But to many, he'll always be Dr. Otto Octavius, a.k.a. Doctor Octopus from the "Spider-Man" films. He made his debut in 2004 with "Spider-Man 2," becoming the main adversary of Peter Parker. He would reprise the role years later in 2021 with a role in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." He starts the film as another bad guy for Peter Parker to take down, but through the power of technology, the new Peter manages to cure him of his ailment, turning him into an ally. 

But Doc Ock is just one of many roles Molina has embodied over the years. With roles in the likes of "Boogie Nights," "Frida," and "Magnolia," Molina has proven himself to be adept at a slew of roles, so it's no wonder why the powers that be behind "Solar Opposites" would want him as The Duke. The character demonstrates the utmost power, playing upon the villainous tendencies Molina mastered as Doc Ock. However, in Season 2, The Duke becomes a friend to Cherie when the two of them find themselves battling the elements in the aliens' backyard. 

In a way, he's the perfect actor for The Duke. He can fluctuate between selfish and selfless actions, much like Doc Ock does throughout his time in the "Spider-Man" franchise. We likely won't see The Duke pop up again, seeing how he sacrificed himself for Cherie in Season 2 of "Solar Opposites," but Molina certainly left his mark on the multi-dimensional character.