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Supernatural Fans Make Their Thoughts On Lucifer's Character Clear

The Winchester brothers spent 15 seasons battling demons, angels, and an assortment of other creatures on "Supernatural." Therefore, it was always inevitable that they'd cross paths with Lucifer during their monster-hunting escapades. First appearing as a spooky nun in Season 4, the fallen archangel would go on to possess a variety of meat suits as he made life literal Hell for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) throughout the years. That said, most "Supernatural" fans associate the Devil with actor Mark Pellegrino, who played the demon and his vessel, Nick, in multiple seasons.

Lucifer was one of the most powerful villains on "Supernatural," and he deserves credit for always being a consistent and formidable threat to humanity's existence. At the same time, the cheeky old devil was also very laidback and comical whenever he wasn't trying to bring about the end of days. As such, the character has some admirers among the show's core fan base, and they have made their thoughts known.

Giving the devil his due

Everyone loves a good villain, so Lucifer" on "Supernatural" was always going to win over fans of the hit CW series. With that in mind, a thread on the show's subreddit was full of praise for both the character and the actor who played him. Some Redditors, such as u/spnnered, loved the Ruler of Hell so much that they were able to look past his evil traits that defined him and appreciate his nunances. "Mark Pellegrino is my favorite actor to tackle the archetype of Lucifer. So many layers to the acting," they wrote. "Show-casing multiple sides of the character. Scary/evil, hilarious, petulant, burdened, and heartbroken."

For other viewers, Lucifer was a very likable fella who knew how to bend people around his finger. While he was undoubtedly wicked, the Father of Lies seemed cool to hang out with. "He has this "average" ish look to him and he can come across as the charming victim so easily. He's just...amazing," u/Xionus stated.

On the flip side, some fans appreciated the character for staying true to his evil ways in the grand scheme of things. No one wants to see the Devil become a goody two shoes, after all. "I'm so glad he never got a redemption arc. Let villains be villains. It's more fun that way," u/eli454 added.

Mark Pellegrino's co-stars were in awe of his performance as Lucifer on Supernatural

Mark Pellegrino wasn't the only actor to give the devil his due on "Supernatural." The archangel possessed multiple vessels, including fan-favorites such as Castiel (Misha Collins). While this allowed different actors to put their own spin on Lucifer, every performer still had to be consistent with the elements that made him, well, Lucifer.

According to Collins, stepping into the role was an intimidating challenge as he knew he had massive shoes to fill. Furthermore, he wasn't confident about living up to the standards set by his co-star. "It was very daunting because I think Mark Pellegrino is like the best actor that we've had on the show, so for me to have to play the same character that he's been playing in a similar manner that he's been playing is a real challenge, " he told Entertainment Weekly.

Jensen Ackles was also in awe of Pellegrino's talent when they worked together on "Supernatural." While speaking to fans as part of the CE Virtual Panel in 2020 (via YouTube), the Dean actor revealed that Pellegrino's take on Lucifer was his favorite villain to go up against. "I did often find myself doing scenes with him and forgetting my lines because I was watching his performance," Ackles recalled. "I think that's just a testament to Mark and how much fun he had playing that character."