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Mike Sees Eleven In New Stranger Things 2 Clip

Contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 1

Although Eleven made what seemed to be the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the first season of Stranger Things, she's definitely still hanging around Hawkins.

In a new clip from the upcoming season, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) gets his first glimpse of his telekinetic friend and potential love interest Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) after he last saw her sacrifice herself to defeat the Demogorgon. 

In this clip (above), authorities question Mike about Eleven's whereabouts. But as he says, even if he did know where she is, he would "never tell them." Just then, Mike spots a familiar face staring at him from outside the window. 

As we learned from a previously released clip, Eleven actually survived her encounter with the Demogorgon. She was pulled back into the Upside Down, but she eventually finds a portal and uses her powers to make it large enough to leave. Then, in another trailer, we found out that she's been getting all those Eggo waffles that Hopper has been leaving for her in the woods. 

We'll probably have to wait for the new season to see her actually make contact with the gang. Stranger Things 2 arrives on Netflix on Oct. 27.