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Solo Leveling - What We Know So Far

After years of cranking out beloved stories, "Solo Leveling" is finally getting an anime adaptation. 

The announcement came courtesy of the 2022 Anime Expo Industry Panel. The show will come out on Crunchyroll starting in 2023, and it's killer news for fans who have followed this storyline for a while now. "Solo Leveling" began as a South Korean web novel written by Chugong. Since then, the story's undergone various iterations as a digital comic and webtoon, including physical issues in English. 

"Solo Leveling" takes place in a fantasy world filled with characters known as Hunters. These Hunters hold magical abilities, and the main one we follow is Sung Jinwoo, one of the weaker Hunters around until a mysterious power allows him to level up. He gradually grows stronger and surpasses many of those who thought he would always be weak. 

Here's what else to know about the Crunchyroll adaptation you'll soon be able to see come to life like never before.

Chugong offered a message to Solo Leveling fans

According to Crunchyroll, the anime will come from studio A-1 Pictures under the direction of Shunsuke Nakashige. While not much is known about the series at this point, there is a brief trailer to give audiences a glimpse into the kind of vibe they can anticipate for the forthcoming series. The trailer doesn't offer much in the way of plot, but it does highlight some of the creative forces who will bring the anime to life, including Hiroyuki Sawano on music and Tomoko Sudo for character design.

In addition to a trailer, the announcement also came with a special message from Chugong, who stated, "About six years ago when I was writing the very beginning of 'Solo Leveling,' if someone had said to me, 'The novel you wrote will become a comic,' I bet I'd have told them to stop pulling my leg. But now, I'm told that it'll be animated?! Seriously, stop pulling my leg! ... But these days, I'm feeling excited and thrilled. Since I'm still half-doubting that this is real, I want to see Jinwoo and the other characters get animated soon and feel relieved. I'll keep working diligently while looking forward to that day."

DUBU, an artist for the "Solo Leveling" comics, also released a message saying, "Solo Leveling is finally making its anime debut. It feels like only yesterday that we got the offer for the anime adaptation. I feel so overwhelmed when I think that the anime is really being created right now. This is all thanks to you fans who love and support 'Solo Leveling.' I'm filled with gratitude. Thank you very much. Also, please support the animation production team. If this anime gives new enjoyment to the readers, I'll be very happy."

"Solo Leveling" will be available on Crunchyroll sometime in 2023.