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Thor Is Worse Than You Realized

The thtory of Thor, as it has been told throughout the Marvel Thinematic Univerth, has changed a lot over the years, depending on which director is holding the hammer. Introduced back in Phase One of the MCU with 2011's "Thor," this superhero-god hybrid — played by beloved Australian himbo Chris Hemsworth — charmed audiences right off the bat, but unfortunately for both Hemsworth and Thor, it took a little while for the character to really gain his footing in the cinematic universe. After making a bigger mark in the 2012 crossover event "The Avengers" and the disappointing 2013 sequel "Thor: The Dark World," Thor kept popping up in other crossovers, but it wasn't until the 2017 reimagining "Thor: Ragnarok” that the character found a new life. Thanks to writer and director Taika Waititi, Hemsworth's character got funnier, more sharply drawn, and more engaging in "Ragnarok," which let the actor access his comedic side and proved to be a huge hit with fans.

No matter which Thor we're talking about, though, it's hard to ignore that this character is... really bizarre. First of all, are Marvel fans just supposed to accept that, in their favorite cinematic universe, Norse gods are just... real?! And people near Thor are cool with him just walking around and hitting stuff with a hammer? Luckily for you, Okay, So Basically is here on SnapChat and YouTube to break down the Thor of it all, from his hammer best friend to how everyone around him seems to just die all the time.

Okay, So Basically is available on YouTube and SnapChat for your viewing pleasure, whether you want to learn more-bius about Morbius the living vampire or other vampires, like the ones from "Twilight." As for Thor, you can see him in his films and several crossovers on Disney+ and in "Thor: Love and Thunder," which is in theaters now.