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Seinfeld Fans' Favorite Newman Quote Is A Sinister Classic

"Seinfeld's" Newman (Wayne Knight) isn't often mentioned as one of the most popular breakout sitcom characters of the 1990's, but he really should be. The longtime nemesis to Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld) and pal to Kramer (Michael Richards) technically first appeared in the show's second season, but that was only a voiceover provided by Larry David. The Newman that we know and loathe first appeared onscreen in the Season 3 episode "The Suicide," and his adversarial dynamic with Jerry was instantly established–that's the episode when Newman catches Jerry flirting with the girlfriend of a friend who just attempted suicide, and Jerry tries to bribe Newman into silence with a Drake's coffee cake.

Overall, Newman appeared in 43 total episodes, (44 if you count the first appearance, which Wayne Knight later dubbed over with his own voice) (via IMDb). Many of his appearances aren't even particularly relevant to the plot. Often, the writers would find an excuse for Newman to drop in, do something hilarious, and waltz away.

It's not easy choosing one Newman quote as the funniest, but fans on Reddit tried to do just that. Here's the winner.

This quote is the reason why you don't mess with Newman, or the Postal Service for that matter

Redditor u/Harvard771 polled their fellow Redditors on the most iconic Newman vote. The winner with around 2,000 upvotes was: "If you control the mail, you control information."

Coming in a distant second was "Vile weed!", followed by "Because the mail never stops," "Another round of strawberry for me and my friends," and finally "But hear me and hear me well!"

Of course, the vote wasn't without controversy. Redditor u/IminVB thought the choices should have included "What too ya so long?", while Redditor u/Phunkie_Junkie thought "Jambalaya" should have made the list.

If you need a refresher on your "Seinfeld" knowledge, the winning quote comes from the Season 5 episode "The Lip Reader," which aired in 1993 and guest starred Marlee Matlin as a deaf woman who could read lips. When Newman learns that Jerry has befriended her, he begs him to "lend" her to him for a couple hours–there's a new supervisor at the post office who works behind glass, and Newman is convinced everyone gossips about him. Jerry turns him down, and Newman makes the empty threat.

It's a classic Newman scene. Not essential to the story, but an iconic comedy moment nonetheless. Moments like this are why Newman is one of "Seinfeld's" most popular side characters