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Why The Batman V Superman Batsuit Is The Best Yet

DC Films' Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showcases many new superhero and super-villain designs, but Bat-fans everywhere already know that the best thing to come out of the whole film is Batman's new costume. While snore-fest Superman rarely changes his duds in any significant way, Batman has worn dozens of costumes in his comic adventures, and at least a half dozen costumes on screen. Still, we're pretty sure that Ben Affleck's Batman will be wearing the best batsuit yet, and here's why.

It's mostly comic-accurate

Frank Miller is best known for writing and illustrating the notable The Dark Knight Returns miniseries in 1986. And while the quality of his work is debatable, he made one contribution to the Batman mythos that's unquestionably outstanding: the Dark Knight's costume. Using an aggressively broad insignia, a minimalist approach, and a Batman built like a redwood, Miller gave us an intimidating and powerful Batman, which is heavily referenced in Batman v Superman's designs, alongside Miller's depiction of Batman's anti-Superman armor. It's solid work, and definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Miller's dialogue, on the other hand, not so much.

It looks scary

One of the most oft-forgotten aspects of Batman is that his main weapon is fear. The Dark Knight scares most potential criminals out of crime before they start, and the ones who are dumb enough to stumble the wrong way across the law and into Batman's waiting fists usually never try it again. The problem with Christopher Nolan's Batman is that he's obviously covered with armor, which isn't really intimidating when it comes down to it. What's truly scary: a guy who leaps into gunfire with no apparent protection, evades major injuries, and manages to still emerge victorious. We know he's got some bulletproof junk under there, but why put it on display?

It has the best bat-logo

Sure, because every Bat-insignia is pretty great. But when it comes to sheer practicality, a bright yellow target in the middle of your chest isn't the best costume choice you could make. Director Joel Schumacher's Bat-logo was lost amid a chestful of plastic nipples, and Christopher Nolan's treatment was way too subtle. Even as far as the dozens of comic logos go, from 1949's literal drawing of a bat, to Knightfall's sharp, circular logo, this Frank Miller-inspired insignia has always had the most impact, like a no-nonsense fist to the face.

It provides contrast

Archenemies are usually a study in similarities and opposites. Superman is a guy who has super-slick, space-age, alien material incorporated into his flawless, always-clean costume. While Clark Kent looks human, his costume truly looks like it's from somewhere far away. At the same time, Bruce Wayne is very grounded on Earth, and is a man of the people (well, except for being a billionaire, but let's ignore that). His Batman v Superman costume is a study in organic materials; it's rough and looks like he probably made it himself in his workshop. It feels human, which is very important to Bruce as he attempts to bash the destructive alien who's been causing all kinds of problems for Earth.

It's probably very high-tech

There's no way that Batman's gritty, coarse costume is just a layer of fabric laid over his rippling Bat-muscles. As a rival to Lexcorp, Wayne Enterprises undoubtedly dabbles in some of the most advanced science out there, with access to ultra-durable materials and nanotechnology, and whatever Google uses to predict what kind of sandwich you want before you're even hungry. That Bat-suit probably has mind-controlled WiFi in both ears, and every internal panel filled with non-Newtonian dilatant fluids to resist impact and maintain mobility, because that's just how Batman rolls. Non-Newtonianally.

The other costumes sucked

Let's be honest about Batman's on-screen costumes, because they've all been uniquely terrible. Michael Keaton? Looked cool, but he could barely turn his head, which is bad news for a melee fighter. George Clooney had exoskeletal nipples. Val Kilmer had sculpted muscles that looked like they were designed by H.R. Giger. Christian Bale looked like someone reassembled a leather car seat wrong. Adam West, bless him, looked like a yam in a sock. It's not as though this new suit has to win by default, but yes, it wins by default.

It's not alone

Previews revealed pretty early on that Batman would be wearing not one, but at least three costume variations in Batman v Superman. In addition to his scary, organic duds, he'll also don a desert-appropriate goggle-and-scarf ensemble, and some very heavy duty armor for fighting Superman. The smart money's on the Bat-armor having some kind of secret kryptonite pocket somewhere, making Superman's eventual defeat imminent. Batman has more quick changes than a Lady Gaga concert, and for action figure nerds, that's a good thing.

It looks comfortable

It's about time that a live-action Batman had something that he could actually move around in. In the ever-shifting battle between safety and mobility, safety always seems to win, and we get Batmen who are basically trapped in bulletproof hamster balls or iron lungs. Special effects do the rest, but it's never really believable that a Batman who can't bend his knees enough to sit down can execute a flying kick to a bad guy's face. Affleck's Batman looks like he's finally allowed to wear something with some flex room, appropriate to Batman's ninja training.