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This Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 Scene Reminds Us An Awful Lot Of Another Winona Ryder Classic

When it comes to sci-fi horror, there's something about seeing anything in a glass container preserved in a questionable fluid that's guaranteed to give you the willies. That is precisely the case in our first installment back to "Stranger Things" Season 4 when Hopper (David Harbour) and company uncover more of what the Russians have been doing with escapees of The Upside Down. After breaking free thanks to Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Murray (Brett Gelman), Hopper delves deeper into the compound that's been storing a collection of The Upside Down's locals. In doing so, he comes across even more nightmarish discoveries revealing what the enemy has been doing with these otherwordly creatures.

While some of them are very much alive and not in the best of moods, one scene has our heroes stumble across containers of deceased Demogorgons preserved for research. It might be new territory for David Harbour and Brett Gelman to handle, but that's not the case for Winona Ryder. In 1997, she got an eyeful of similar terrors when she starred in an installment belonging to one of the most beloved sci-fi horror franchises in cinema history. It was during her time opposite Sigourney Weaver in what remains to be a stomach-churning scene.

The preserved Demogorgon scene is just like Alien: Resurrection starring Winona Ryder

With all these disgusting jars and their contents, Winona Ryder is seen passing, it'll guarantee to have fans of the "Alien" saga thinking back to her time in space when no one could hear her scream. In 1997, she starred alongside Sigourney Weaver in "Alien Resurrection," which saw the iconic hero brought back as a clone and on the run from engineered xenomorphs. Ryder played Call, an android forced to team up with Ripley to evade the legendary space bugs, only to find a different horror during the film.

The scene in question sees the Ripley clone stumble across a room full of earlier versions of herself that were unsuccessful. Undeveloped prototypes are seen floating in containers, as well as a living one that she kills out of mercy. It's a harrowing moment that Ryder's Call is witness to and one of the few highlights in a film deemed as one of the worst in the franchise. No matter where fans might rank it in the franchise, this moment is striking enough to come flooding back when a similar sequence in "Stranger Things" plays out. Now all that's left to consider is which one we'd rather face off against; a Demogorgon or a xenomorph? Can we go with neither?