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Hilary Swank Cast In Sci-Fi Thriller I Am Mother

Although Hilary Swank has been working with Danny Boyle on the TV series Trust, she'll return to the big screen in an upcoming sci-fi thriller.

Variety reports that the two-time Oscar winner will be in I Am Mother, which is currently shooting at South Australia's Adelaide Studios.

Helmed by first-time director Grant Sputore, the movie stars Clara Rugaard (Good Favour) as a member of a new generation of humans who were raised by a robot called "Mother" that is designed to repopulate the planet after the extinction of mankind. The woman has a close relationship with the device until a blood-soaked woman (Swank) arrives, saying that nothing is as it seems.

"It is a privilege to welcome Hilary Swank to our film," Sputore said. "She is a remarkable performer who always brings tremendous commitment and honesty to the screen. I'm excited about the journey ahead with Hilary and the talented Clara Rugaard."

Swank won best actress Academy Awards for 2000's Boys Don't Cry and 2005's Million Dollar Baby. She'll next appear in Boyle's Trust as Gail Getty, the mother of kidnapped heir John Paul Getty III.