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Deadliest Catch Fans Got Heated Over This Violent Fight Between The Cast

According to the old sailors' adage, the sea can be a cruel mistress. Foreboding waters, stormy skies, and biting wind can wear down even the greatest of individuals given enough time. It is also important to remember that fishing the arctic waters comes with its own caveats, as that part of the world is incredibly dangerous even before the boats have to contend with difficult waters. Crew members on the ships highlighted in the popular reality television series "Deadliest Catch" must also deal with demanding working conditions, machinery that requires constant maintenance, and sometimes even a dangerous lack of sleep.

Considering the heavy physical toll and mental pressure placed on the commercial fishers, it makes sense why emotions sometimes boil over in "Deadliest Catch." Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern has had plenty of experience with crew members that come to blows after the slightest provocation, and some of those fights have been featured on the show. Although there have been plenty of aggressive kerfuffles on "Deadliest Catch," there seems to be one altercation that gets fans of the show talking because of the way it shakes up the show.

A fight between two cast members that result in one getting kicked off the boat gets Deadliest Catch fans talking

The moment in question comes from an episode in which Matt Bradley and Jake Anderson work as deckhands on board the Northwestern. In the video posted by Discovery Channel, tensions start high as Matt and Jake are already yelling at each other. Jake throws the first punch after the two argue about the hydraulics, which causes the rest of the crew to break them up. Edgar Hansen, filling in for his brother Sig as Captain, berates the two and sends Jake away. He notes that the terms laid out by Sig after the pair's earlier scuffle dictate that whoever threw the first swing must leave the ship.

This fight had a massive impact on fans of the show, and many fans shared their opinions on the matter. Taking to the subreddit r/deadliestcatch, u/zerocat45 started the conversation by saying that they are a big fan of Jake and that they watched him leave the Northwestern with mixed emotions. They also stated they disapproved of Edgar's response to the altercation. 

However, it seems as if other fans of the show had some drastically different opinions, with u/Imacad saying, "No problem with the way Edgar treated him. It's the rule: You don't throw punches on a boat. simple as that," while u/thatslikewhen added, "Jake was also completely immature and not in control of himself. He lost it. Edgar was holding him to it, in my opinion." Jake was forced to leave the Northwestern shortly after that, but the interactions between Jake and Matt would take an entirely different turn in future episodes.

Anderson and Bradley are actually really close, and Anderson says that he owes Bradley his life

It turns out that after leaving the Northwestern, Jake Anderson eventually takes command of the fishing vessel known as the Saga, and Matt Bradley came with him! Despite being voted one of the 'best' fights on the "Deadliest Catch," it seems that the anger the two showed toward each other is born from deep respect, oddly enough. Anderson even posted on Twitter in 2015, "Thank God Matt Bradley was there. Nothing like Matt at 2 in the morning to liven things up!"

Not only are the two close friends in real life, but Anderson has said that he couldn't have gotten sober without the help of Bradley. In a video on YouTube, Anderson went over his struggles with alcohol and drugs and said how he chose sobriety. He went on to describe the efforts of both Matt and his brother Ryan and how they helped him stay true to himself. Anderson finishes his touching speech by saying that he wouldn't be here today had it not been for Matt. 

This is a surprising thing to hear about two individuals that have fought on camera in a fired-up exchange. However, it's the complexity of the pair's relationship that helped inspire this debate among fans of "Deadliest Catch" on the proper course of action when it comes to emotional outbursts at sea. 

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