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The Part Of Deadliest Catch That Makes Some Fans Physically Sick

Life is far from a walk in the park for the crabbers on "Deadliest Catch." Dealing with the constant stress of navigating choppy waters, operating heavy equipment, and facing horrific weather conditions nearly every single day is enough to make anyone feel at least a little seasick, and to top it all off, the "Deadliest Catch" crew barely gets any sleep. Suffice it to say, even just watching the cast of the show carry out their hard work can spark some uneasy feelings in the pit of the stomach. Still, at the end of the day, the boat-rocking action remains behind the TV screen and the feet of the viewers at home are (usually) firmly planted on the ground.

Out of all the nail-biting moments and scenes set on the roaring high seas, though, there is one relatively minor part of the show that has reached beyond the confines of the screen and caused some fans to experience their own bouts of physical discomfort. However, the quality in question may not be what you'd expect.

Fans hate Keith's habits

Captain of the F/V Wizard and longtime "Deadliest Catch" star Keith Colburn has had his fair share of controversy. The fisherman has a penchant for failing to keep his cool when things go awry and he once drew the ire of fans when the series showed him physically assaulting a member of the filming crew on camera. Unfortunately, Keith also has a couple of other habits that don't just inspire ill feelings in viewers, but also literal feelings of illness.

"Watching Keith spit his tobacco into a cup and constantly making that 'Unst unst unst!' noise makes me feel physically sick," u/CosmicQuestions wrote in a post on the r/deadliestcatch subreddit. Keith's trademark fist-pumping and go-along grunts have long been a staple of his character, but it seems that the constant repetition has gotten under some fans' skin. "First time, fine," u/SoooManyNoodles commented on a separate thread. "Second time, annoying. Every time after that – hate him a little more each time."

As for Keith's tobacco spitting, it's not necessarily a habit that the captain enjoys having, either. "Asking someone to change their habits when they are out here in a super stressful environment is incredibly difficult," Keith said in a 2011 interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I've quit chewing eight times. I started chewing again eight times."

Keith has enjoyed a successful career both as a fisherman and a TV star. Unfortunately, these quirks aren't doing him any favors in terms of popularity with fans.