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15 Strongest Tokyo Ghoul Characters Ranked

Based on the manga series of the same name, "Tokyo Ghoul" is a terrifying anime series that began airing in 2014. It follows the life of Ken Kaneki, a college student who's attacked by a ghoul while on a date and subsequently transformed into a ghoul-human hybrid. As the story progresses, Kaneki learns how to live as a ghoul in the world and later attempts to bring about a peaceful solution to allow ghouls and humans to live side-by-side without conflict.

Hiding in society as normal people, ghouls are superpowered creatures who possess augmented strength, speed, endurance, and the ability to regenerate rapidly when injured. Yet, these often terrifying individuals almost depend on human flesh to survive, and each has a unique and deadly organ known as a kagune. These provide ghouls with special abilities that they can use in combat, making them such a threat that the government created the CCG to fight back against them.

In a world filled with so many powerful beings, including highly-skilled CCG investigators who have their own unique skills to combat ghouls, it might seem difficult to rank them at all. But by examining all of their powers and skills, as well as how they've performed in various battles, it's possible to put together a ranking of the strongest "Tokyo Ghoul" anime characters.

15. Hinami Fueguchi

As a young child, Hinami Fueguchi was forced to witness the death of both her father (Asaki) and mother (Ryouko) at the hands of ghoul investigators. That intense trauma severely affected her, but she was eventually able to recover somewhat and even went on to join the ghoul terrorist organization known as Aogiri Tree. She was one of the few who survived the Rushima Landing Operation, which saw the CCG effectively wipe out the organization. At the behest of Ken Kaneki, she later became a member of Goat, a resistance group dedicated to creating a world where ghouls and humans can live peacefully together.

Hinami is a powerful fighter, with her early childhood trauma helping to fuel her in battle. She inherited the kagune of both her mother and father, giving her two special abilities. These include a flower-like shield that can protect her from powerful blasts — even those directed by characters far stronger than her — and an offensive tentacle attack that's covered in spines. She's also a keen strategist and has heightened senses, to the extent that she can locate people across vast distances from smell alone. All of this makes Hinami a formidable opponent for anyone to take on.

14. Donato Porpora

Known as Priest to the orphaned children under his care, Donato Porpora is a sadistic and evil ghoul. He would actually fed upon the kids in his care, safe in the knowledge that they would not be missed because they didn't have any families. When he's eventually caught, Donato is imprisoned by the CCG in a ghoul detention center, but he's later freed during the Third Cochlea Raid along with many other characters.

Like other ghouls, Donato is stronger, faster, and more resilient than any human. His kagune allows him to attack foes at extreme range with a spear-like weapon, making him deadly up close and far away. As a special ability, he can also clone himself, causing confusion and fear among those he's fighting, as it's impossible to know who the real Donato is.

Known for his intelligence, Donato has lots of knowledge about the ghouls and is a trusted prisoner while incarcerated, with CCG officers giving him special treatment in exchange for information. The ghoul also showcases an ability to quickly read people and discover their motives and deepest thoughts at a glance.

13. Tatara

Working directly under the One-Eyed King, Tatara is one of the Aogiri Tree's main leaders and a trusted servant of Kishou Arima. Before that, he worked as a member of the Chi She Lian, a mysterious and little-known Chinese ghoul group. He's been shown to torture prisoners and was put in charge as a public representative for the terrorist organization, helping to attract more ghouls to its cause.

Tatara is a capable warrior and has proven himself time and time again in battle. In fact, he's squared off against dozens of CCG officers and taken them all down with ease. Few can last long against his ruthless determination and skill.

At the heart of his power is a kagune that's capable of wiping out entire squadrons of enemies in mere seconds. Appearing as a long and thick dark red tail, it's immensely strong and deadly at close range. The fighter also has a kakuja that takes the form of a salamander, enhancing his special abilities and granting him protection from attacks. Perhaps scariest of all is Tatara's ability to produce flames in excess of 4,000 degrees Celsius and shoot them at his opponents.

12. Amon Koutarou

Before reappearing as a one-eyed ghoul hybrid, Amon Koutarou was a highly decorated officer within the CCG. Partnering with Kureo Mado and later Akira Mado, he achieved the rank of First Class Ghoul Investigator while with the CCG and was posthumously promoted to Special Class following his apparent death. He returned following a failed experiment and is now known as Floppy the Owl, though his half-ghoul status has left him with a kagune that's not as developed as others.

While he was discarded by Dr. Kanou after the CCG experiments due to his unstable Rc cells, Amon is incredibly powerful and his abilities are stronger than most pure ghouls. His kagune can fire accurate projectiles that can leave gaping holes where they enter an opponent's body. His kakuja provides him with deformed armor that mutates his head into a monstrous appearance. The former CCG investigator can also cause other kagunes to explode simply by touching them and has been able to overcome the likes of Taizawa, Ginkui, and Touma Higemaru with seemingly little effort, even when he should have been mortally wounded.

11. Uta

Given the codename No Face by the CCG, Uta is a ghoul who makes a living selling mask at the HySy ArtMask Studio. There he provides his hand-made creations to ghouls and humans alike whilst also being an influential member of the terrifying Clowns — a secretive ghoul group that's involved in key events throughout the "Tokyo Ghoul" timeline. Although he was once a sadistic killer who enjoyed causing others pain and suffering, he develops into a more sympathetic individual and becomes friends with both Renji Yomo and Itori.

Like all ghouls, Uta possesses superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration. He's a powerful fighter and becomes the peacemaker in the 4th ward while a teenager, demonstrating just how respected he is. His kagune appears as a series of giant tails that can reach out and attack his enemies from a safe distance. Able to defeat impressive characters like Yomo and Suzuya, Uta is also capable of shapeshifting so that he can perfectly mimic the appearance and voice of other characters. This shapeshifting ability may be linked to another skill of his, which allows Uta to clone himself.

10. Noro

Noro is another prominent member of Aogiri Tree and one of those who worked directly under the One-Eyed King, leading the terrorist organization. Before the events of "Tokyo Ghoul," he was entrusted with the one-eyed ghoul Eto, acting as her guardian and mentor. Once a more standard ghoul, something terrible happened to him that transformed Noro into the being that viewers see on screen in the series. It's never explained exactly what this event was or what it did to him, but it clearly turned Noro into a silently terrifying character.

Whatever the case, the process left Noro as a feared opponent and someone who the CCG classed as an SS ghoul alongside the likes of Tatara and Seidou Takizawa. He can almost instantly regenerate any damage done to him and seemingly feels no pain, making him a truly ferocious fighter who'll go to any extreme. His kagune gives him a giant worm with sharp teeth to attack enemies with, and his unique kakuja provides no armor but generates a giant kagune that's covered in terrifying mouths.

9. Juuzou Suzuya

At the Tokyo Security Committee, Juuzou Suzuya holds the rank of Dragon General and is responsible for the safety and peace of Tokyo. Yet, at the start of "Tokyo Ghoul," the youngster is only 19 years old. This shows both how rapid his rise was and how powerful a figure he is in the world. Previously going by the name Rei Suzuya, he now leads the S3 Squad within the CCG and has hunted down numerous ghouls during his career.

Despite not being a ghoul, Suzuya has shown he's more than capable of fighting against other ghouls and matching them in both strength and speed. In fact, he can move so fast that other characters have trouble keeping track of him. The young general is an expert swordsman as well, wielding various quinque with deadly intent.

Arguably his most important skill, though, is his tolerance for pain. Kidnapped as a child by the ghoul Big Madam, Suzuya was subjected to torture on a daily basis. This taught him to ignore pain and carry out battling even when suffering serious injuries — something that's all the more impressive considering he has no regeneration abilities.

8. Roma Hoito

Acting as a minor antagonist in "Tokyo Ghoul," Roma Hoito is a ghoul who appears to be a simple waitress at the Anteiku cafe. However, she's secretly one of the most powerful ghouls in Tokyo and is responsible for founding the Clowns — a group of ghouls that secretly manipulate events for their own purposes. Known for squaring off against Tsuneyoshi Washuu during her youth, Roma might appear harmless at first due to her silly behavior and childish outlook.

This is something of a facade, though, as Roma is deceptively strong. Known as Gypsy by the CCG, she's an SSS-class ghoul who has superb regenerative abilities and can tolerate a huge amount of pain. Her large amount of Rc cells gives Roma a youthful appearance despite her advanced age. In terms of her kagune, she can produce up to eight tentacles that fly through the air or tunnel underground to attack enemies from all sides. After consuming a large amount of ghoul flesh as a child, she's also able to mutate with her kakuja, which sees her take on a massive form with a large mouth.

7. Matasaka Kamishiro

An SS-class ghoul, Matasaka Kamishiro is a warrior who once led the ghouls in the 6th ward and eventually rises to become a leading figure in Aogiri Tree after he's freed from prison. Before that, he spent time sheltering Rize Kamishiro from the relentless secret organization known as V. Nicknamed Orca, he has a somewhat calmer disposition than many other ghouls and only kills when absolutely necessary.

What makes Matasaka so fearsome is that he doesn't rely solely on his ghoul physiology in battle. He's also an expert in martial arts and can engage opponents in hand-to-hand combat. This skill, combined with his extra strength and speed, makes him one of the most capable fighters in the series. Matasaka has even proven himself against Ken Kaneki, besting the ghoul on two occasions.

His kagune takes on the form of a large orca tail, hence his nickname, and it's far larger and more powerful than standard bikaku kagunes. All of this has ensured that only the best and most skilled opponents are able to take Matasaka down.

6. Seidou Takizawa

Once a CCG ghoul investigator who reached Rank 2, Seidou Takizawa's psychological state deteriorated over time. He's presumed dead after battling Tatara, but he's actually one of the CCG officers taken and experimented on by Dr. Kanou. Takizawa eventually transforms into a one-eyed ghoul known as Owl and joins Aogiri Tree as one of its leading members. However, he's forced to leave after killing Tarara, later joining the organization Goat in an attempt to create peace between ghouls and humans.

Although he inherits Yoshimura's kakuhou, Takizawa doesn't have full control of it, but he can still do a tremendous amount of damage with the ukaku kagune it gives him. The Kagune shoots out a series of spikes from his shoulders and can also fire bullet-like crystals over extremely long distances. His ukaku kakuja provides him with a protective mask and giant blades to slice at his opponents, although it also causes his mental stability to degrade even further. Several times, Takizawa has demonstrated an ability to wipe out entire CCG squads without difficulty.

5. Nimura Furuta

Nimura Furuta, otherwise known as Kichimura Washuu, is the main villain and primary foe of Ken Kaneki in "Tokyo Ghoul." He plays a pivotal role in the story, directly influencing many of the major events. He infiltrates practically every organization in the series to further his goals, eventually rising to become head of the CCG by removing its former leader and declaring himself the Washuu King during the Third Cochlea Raid. Born as a defective half-ghoul, Kichimura has a much-shortened lifespan but enhanced physical powers.

These powers manifest in the standard superhuman strength, speed, and regeneration. However, he also has a rinkaku kagune that's extremely powerful and can manifest as several tentacles or one large mass. His kakuja sees him covered in armor with spiky tentacles protruding from his sides.

A cunning genius who's capable of masterminding several schemes at once, Kichimura is always several steps ahead of his opponents. He also demonstrated a lack of empathy and care for those around him and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. Even more than his physical abilities, this is what makes him truly terrifying to face.

4. Yoshimura

At first glance, Kuzen looks like a kindly man who runs the Anteiku cafe. Yet, in reality, he's one of the most powerful ghouls in all of "Tokyo Ghoul." More experienced than anyone else in the show, Yoshimura was known to the CCG as the Non-Killing Owl, as opposed to his daughter who took on the title of the One-Eyed Owl. A kind-hearted individual, he does his best to allow humans and ghouls to live peacefully together, taking in Ken Kaneki and showing him how to live as a ghoul in the city.

However, no one should underestimate his strength just because of his advanced age and soft demeanor. When necessary, Yoshimura is more than capable of demonstrating his significant strength. With his ukaku kagune, he's able to shoot lightning-fast projectiles at his enemies. And unlike other ukaku ghouls, he's protected at close range by his kakuja, which forms two sharp blades on his shoulders.

Rated as an SSS-class ghoul by the CCG, Kuzen once fought off Koori Ui, Shinohara, Koroiwa, Kousuke Houji, and Suzuya at the same time. This group had earlier beaten Ken Kaneki, showing Yoshimura's true power.

3. Eto Yoshimura

It makes sense that the daughter of the powerful Yoshimura would be a ghoul of significant stature herself, but Eto Yoshimura may even have surpassed her father when it comes to raw strength. She's the person responsible for setting up Aogiri Tree, and in her human persona of Takatsuki Sen, she's a best-selling fiction author. Although she's eventually defeated and her body is used to create the Taxidermied Owl, Eto is later able to return to life. Her sadistic and deranged nature means that she shows no concern about killing humans or ghouls, only wanting to cause as much pain and destruction as possible.

Fighting powerful characters such as Kishou Arima and Ken Kaneki, Eto possesses a great number of abilities in addition to her vast strength and regenerative powers. Her ukaku kagune can take the form of various organs and limbs that spread out from her back, which she has tremendous control over. This allows her to attack multiple enemies at the same time with ease. While her kagune can also fire projectiles and detach, her Kakuja can wipe out those at close range and is equally as dexterous.

2. Kishou Arima

Known as the White Reaper, Kishou Arima is a human-ghoul hybrid who works as a Special Class Ghoul Investigator for the CCG. Showing prestigious talent from a young age, he was quickly promoted within the organization after managing to kill 30 ghouls by himself. He has led the S3 Squad during his career and was widely regarded as one of the most powerful officers within the CCG. A mastermind with high intelligence, Arima was also secretly the One-Eyed King and acted as a mentor for Ken Kaneki when he was living under his Haise Sasaki persona.

His failed half-ghoul status means that Arima has a series of enhanced physical abilities, such as superhuman strength, endurance, and agility. He's easily able to avoid almost all attacks and uses his superior intellect to come up with winning strategies. As a master swordsman, he's proficient with several quinque, including the Owl, which is a long blade that shoots out projectiles. Arima has successfully fought against other powerful individuals, including Ken Kaneki, Eto, and Yoshimura.

1. Ken Kaneki

As the hero and main protagonist of "Tokyo Ghoul," it makes a lot of sense that Ken Kaneki would also be the strongest character in the series. Growing up as a normal human, he's transformed into an artificial one-eyed ghoul during an operation that sees Rize Kamishiro's kakuhou transplanted into his body. Trained by Arima, he becomes known as the Black Reaper and later as the eyepatch ghoul, thanks to his fierce combat abilities.

As one of the few ghouls capable of controlling multiple kagunes at the same time, Kaneki is incredibly difficult to battle due to the huge variety of attacks he can send out. He's stood his own and defeated the very best of the best on many occasions. His regeneration skills are better than practically anyone else's in "Tokyo Ghoul," and in one-on-one combat, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Immune to ghoul toxins, an expert swordsman, and able to tolerate all pain inflicted on him, there's just no way that Kaneki can't be considered the most powerful character in the series, especially when he takes on his dragon form — an ability that makes him as big as a skyscraper and allows him to send out golems and husks.