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Fans Still Have Some Big Complaints About Bones' Series Finale

"Bones" was slightly different from the countless other police procedurals that have dominated the television landscape throughout the years. Emily Deschanel once described it as "the little show that could" in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and that's a perfect summation of the Fox series. "Bones" was never the most popular show of its ilk, but it was certainly one of the most unique. 

While the series featured its fair share of drama, mystery, murder, and mayhem, "Bones" was never afraid to be romantic, goofy, and a little bit out there. For example, episodes such as "The Proof in the Pudding" dabbled in JFK conspiracy theories, while "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" saw Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Deschanel) go undercover as circus performers. With wacky storylines like that, it's weird to think that "Bones" was based on a true story... sort of. 

There's no denying that "Bones" brought quirky sensibilities to a genre that's heavily populated by shows with a serious edge to them. This is why the series gained a loyal fan base during its 12-season run on Fox. However, while "Bones" is still fondly remembered by many aficionados of quality television, the series' most diehard viewers do have some complaints about the final episode, "The End in the End."

The Bones finale was rushed, according to some fans

Some "Bones" fans have issues with the show's finale, and they took to Reddit to share their minor frustrations. The general consensus among the commenters was that the episode felt rushed, causing some of the storylines to suffer as a result, such as the anticlimactic nature of the main villain's demise. "Kovac blew up the Jeffersonian but died to a gunshot. I felt the same way with Pelant. Gunshot deaths are quite bland for a main villian to die of," u/Danshier wrote.

Redditor u/Bones206-447 highlighted some of the more positive elements of the finale, but they didn't deny that the episode mishandled storylines and felt rushed. "I liked that they kept it open so the team could return (oh how I hope) but other things were unsatisfactory. Like the 447 explanation – ummm what was that!? After building it for 8 seasons that's the explanation we get." The user is referring to the mysterious number that cropped up on the show for years, which was revealed to be the time of an explosion at the Jeffersonian. However, the writers later explained that the number was supposed to have existential significance for the characters (per TV Insider).

Other viewers, such as Reddit user u/Savings_Volume7724, noted that these aforementioned issues existed as the series arguably outstayed its welcome toward the end. "[The creators] were pressured to make so many seasons and episodes that there's a lot of filler. I think it honestly could have been reduced down to 8 seasons."

Some Bones fans wanted James and Jessica to stay together

"Bones" was a romantic police procedural at times, but some of the show's couples didn't get to stay together, much to the annoyance of fans. The finale saw James Aubrey (James Boyd) and Jessica Warren break up, with the former developing feelings for Karen Delf (Sara Rue). Many "Bones" fans loved James and Jessica as a mushy pairing, but they also disapproved of Karen.

"Aubrey and Jessica were so set up to be Booth and Brennan 2.0, they had great chemistry and loads in common," u/Ictc1 wrote, before noting that they suspected Karen would be unveiled as the season's big bad serial killer. "Forget chemistry, half the time Aubrey seemed scared of her," they added.

Redditor u/Danshier also disapproved of James turning his affection toward Karen. Not only did the forum user expect Karen to be the murderer, but they also felt that she was manipulative. "I personally feel the night after Cam's wedding that she pushed Jessica to break up with Aubrey so she could have him.