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How Much A Rare Burgie Beer Rotating Sign Was Actually Worth On American Pickers

One thing you learn quickly from watching "American Pickers" is that there are people out there who will collect pretty much everything. Some of the items make sense, like the people who have a cavalcade of vintage cars on their property. Others get sentimental over antique toys, and their houses are lined with shelves containing dolls and action figures. People even collect items one wouldn't necessarily assume you could form an emotional attachment to, including vintage signs advertising all sorts of products.

There's a real market out there for old signs. People love displaying them in their homes, especially when they're original as opposed to a reproduction. And they're willing to spend big bucks to get their hands on something valuable. This is evident in how much Mike Wolfe and his partner are willing to pay throughout their adventures to get their hands on antique signs, including one instance where they spent thousands of dollars to get one intricate piece.

Wolfe paid $5,750 for the Burgie sign

When you hear the word "sign," a specific image probably comes to mind. Most people likely envision a flat rectangle that simply states the name of the business. That's what makes this particular sign for Burgie Beer such a fascinating find. 

In Season 23's "Pinball Jack," Mike Wolfe and his brother locate a truly remarkable sign for Burgermeister beer. The thing that makes this sign stand out is that it comes in a cone shape, and when it's plugged in, it spins. It was created by Paul Stanley (not the guitarist for KISS) and was never mass-produced. With that kind of rarity, it makes sense Wolfe would want to get his hands on it, and his brother offers the seller $5,500. The seller wants closer to $7,500, and after some back and forth, they eventually reach an agreement on $5,750. 

The deal is pretty astonishing, especially considering the fact the seller claimed to have a guy available who was willing to purchase it for $7,000. But the old adage is probably true: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."