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The Small Detail You Likely Missed In Westworld Season 4 Episode 1

Using the late Michael Crichton's 1973 film of the same name as a starting point, HBO's "Westworld" took the television landscape by storm when it arrived in 2016. Set in the mid-20th century, the series showcases a world where the rich spend their days at a hyper-realistic amusement park where they can do virtually anything they want without fear of punishment. Naturally, things go awry once the biomechanical "hosts" begin to rise up against their creators over their horrendous treatment, amounting to a science-fiction dystopia story that many viewers have made sure to stick with.

As one could imagine, HBO couldn't ignore the success of "Westworld" Season 1, so more episodes found their way down the production pipeline in short order. Season 2 arrived in 2018, and even though it didn't meet as positive a reaction as its predecessor, it didn't spell doom for the show as a whole. Thus, Season 3 reached the airwaves in early 2020, and much like Season 2, the response toward it wasn't as glowing as the previous season. Nevertheless, the "Westworld" fanbase hasn't disbanded entirely, hence why the arrival of Season 4 in June of 2022 didn't go unnoticed. 

In fact, as evidenced by this small detail that viewers spotted in the inaugural episode of "Westworld" Season 4, the two-year wait has kept fans as observant as ever.

Walter returned to Westworld

As pointed out by Redditor u/No_Parfait7146, the host Walter (Timothy Lee DePriest) reemerged by the end of Episode 1 of "Westworld" Season 4, "The Auguries." This version of the character last appeared way back in Season 1's "The Stray" after branching away from his set narrative and killing several other hosts in "The Original." "Seems like Charlotte and William are re-purposing old hosts," posits u/final_distance19, as well as a handful of other commenters in the thread, which would explain how Walter managed to come back following his apparent decommissioning in Season 1.

In the grand scheme of "Westworld," Walter is more or less a minor entity who doesn't have much to do in the overall narrative. Still, the role holds great significance for actor Timothy Lee DePriest, who told ScreenFish back in 2016 just how much it changed his career. "That [first] 'Westworld' episode aired on a Sunday. On the Wednesday, I got a call from a director that wanted to meet me, and that's never happened to me before. It's just so weird," he said, and as evidenced by his IMDb page, he has continued to enjoy a steady stream of acting work on screens big and small in the years since.

If the Season 4 premiere of "Westworld" has proven anything, it's that you never truly know what the series will present you with next. Surely the return of Walter isn't the only surprise left in the show's future.