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Bloopers That Make Us Love Chris Pratt Even More

It was only a matter of time before Chris Pratt became an A-list movie star. Now at the center of multiple franchises—Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Owen in Jurassic World, and Emmett in The Lego Movie—Pratt slowly built up his career with regular roles on TV (Everwood, Parks and Recreation) and supporting roles in big-screen comedies. Throughout it all, Pratt has proven to be a charming, entertaining, and most of all, hilarious guy. Here are some times that the camera captured him on movie and TV sets goofing off, screwing up, and ad-libbing.

Jurassic World

Pratt's character, Owen, can do a lot of things. For example, he can ride a motorcycle, he can rescue kids, and he can track dinosaurs. But character and actor are not the same. While Pratt believably did all of those things as Owen in the 2015 action smash Jurassic World, the actor himself lacks a skill or too. Namely that he can't whistle. He tries his hardest, but the king of the box office just can't use his mouth to turn air into a high-pitched musical noise.

What's Your Number?

Wearing a fat suit has to be a strange sensation for an actor. It completely transforms their appearance and the way they move, and then they must act and emote their way through what could be a major hindrance. Pratt pulls it off in the romantic comedy What's Your Number? Opposite his wife, actress Anna Faris, Pratt played an overweight character named "Disgusting Donald." While setting up for a shot, things got silly between the two, as Pratt busted out some impressively accurate Michael Jackson dance moves, not the least bit slowed down by all that fake extra weight and heavy facial prosthetics.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Flying a spaceship is fun. After all, it's a ship and it flies through space. It would seem that even pretending to fly a pretend spaceship is a thrill. On the set of Guardians of the Galaxy, Pratt gets a little carried away behind the controls of the mighty Milano. Filmmakers probably only really needed a second or two of Star-Lord excited, but Pratt gives them far more excited and downright maniacal laughter than they could ever use.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Star-Lord, Gamora, Yondu, Rocket Raccoon, and all the rest returned for some brand-new outer space adventures in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Along for the ride were new characters, most importantly an ageless Celestial named Ego, aka Peter Quill/Star-Lord's father, who presents in human form as a guy who looks remarkably like the delightful Kurt Russell. Because the move is set amidst many distant planets, gravity isn't always a given. To replicate that, the actors had to endure a lot of "wire work," which means flying and bouncing around a set while dangling from a rig. In this outtake from the movie, Pratt and Russell have a hard time getting the "hang" of things. Pratt poorly times his entrance and glides into and then right by his movie dad.

Parks and Recreation

Pratt didn't come out of nowhere to become the biggest action hero of the 21st century. Before Guardians of the Galaxy and Jurassic World, he was best known for being a supporting actor on NBC's low-rated but critically-acclaimed sitcom Parks and Recreation. But the inklings of a hero are present in his role as the dumb but eager man child Andy Dwyer. In this outtake from Parks and Rec, Pratt rapidly hurdles over a counter and then loses a briefcase his character didn't need to steal by throwing it back from where he got it. Amazingly, the case nails a light switch and disables the lights. It's a moment that Pratt's costar Rob Lowe accurately describes as "f***ing hilarious."

The O.C.

Eating on camera carries its own set of challenges. For example, an actor has to make the eating look realistic, while at the same time not take off so big of a bite that they can't get their lines out. And then, sometimes, the food itself causes the problem. One of Pratt's first roles was Ché on Fox's teen soap The O.C. In this scene, he's supposed to be giving sage advice to Seth (Adam Brody) while eating a fig. It probably would've gone off without a hitch, if Pratt had grabbed a fig that hadn't spoiled.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (volume 2)

The Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as their many allies and friends, represent many different species from many different planets. The second film in the franchise introduces the ethereal Ayesha, the High Priestess of the Sovereigns. The gold dust woman crisply explains to Star-Lord a DNA-harvesting process that results in the creation of life. With different beings comes different breeding techniques, and so Star-Lord explains the human form of breeding, which he hilariously and crudely calls "doinkin'." Pratt succumbs to the lowbrow and immature idiot within, and blows his cool at his own utterance of the silly sex word.

Another one from Parks and Recreation

When a director yells "cut," that means the cameras are off, technicians prepare for the next shot, and actors are free to glance at their scripts, think about their motivation, or even take care of any personal business. Pratt apparently had a very filling lunch on the set of Parks and Recreation when this blooper manifested. Rather than let out just about the loudest, squishiest fart to ever escape a human being's backside before the cameras were rolling, Pratt waits to cut one until after the director's "go ahead." Because it's a fart, it's objectively funny, and Pratt laughs uproariously at the incident. He's also hopefully joking about how he thinks he released a little bit more than just hot air.


For a large portion of the shiny, expensive, 2016 science-fiction movie Passengers, Chris Pratt wanders around a gigantic spaceship almost entirely by himself. His only "human" interaction is with a robot bartender named Arthur, played by Michael Sheen. Arthur provides drinks and a little bit of companionship...but mostly just drinks. In this scene, Pratt gets a chance to do some "drunk acting," and he comically over-reacts to Arthur's boozy blue concoction, wincing, contorting his face, and slurring his words.

Delivery Man

Whenever a person becomes wildly successful, it's important to stay humble, to stay hungry, and to never forget the struggle on the way up. Most actors begin their careers hustling for whatever gig they can get to build up their resumes and pay the bills. Perhaps Chris Pratt had that in mind during this outtake from the 2013 Vince Vaughn vehicle Delivery Man. Vaughn takes out a wad of money and a sudden gust of wind blows it away. Pratt immediately hits the ground, rustling up all the cash that he can.