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She's Gotta Have It Trailer Released By Netflix

Spike Lee's first feature is getting a new life as a 10-episode series on Netflix, and you can watch the first trailer for the stylish new show now. 

Inspired by the 1986 movie of the same name, She's Gotta Have It follows the vivacious life of Nola Darling, a Brooklyn-based visual artist who leads a complex life romantically with a diverse trio of suitors, each of whom she loves for different reasons. 

Describing herself as a "sex-positive, polyamorous pansexual", the Nola of the Netflix show lives life on her own terms, pursuing simultaneous affairs with a model named Greer Childs, a banker named Jamie Overstreet, and a B-boy sneakerhead named Mars Blackmon. Throughout the show, she deals with judgment from her peers and conflicts with her lovers, insisting all the while that she's not a sex addict, a freak, or anybody's simple boo, baby girl, or property.

She's Gotta Have It stars DeWanda Wise as Nola, Divergent's Cleo Anthony as Greer, Saw III and IV's Lyriq Bent as Jamie, and Hamilton and White Girl's Anthony Ramos as Mars. It also stars Chyna Layne, Elise Hudson, Joie Lee, Sydney Morton, and Elvis Nolasco.

Netflix will debut all 10 episodes of the series this Thanksgiving, November 23. Check out the official first trailer above, and for a lengthier look at the personalities of each character, watch a sneak peek collection of short scenes from the series.