Deadliest Catch Fans Point Out A Stunning Similarity Between Sig And Edgar

Sig and Edgar Hansen come from a long line of Norwegian fishers, which is probably best highlighted by Sig's absolute dedication to reaping the bounties of the sea in the television series "Deadliest Catch." Sig and Edgar's father, Sverre, was instrumental in developing fishing operations off the coast of Alaska, and since Sig is the eldest of his siblings, he began fishing at the age of 14. Fishing and crabbing are in the Hansen family's blood, and Sig himself became a relief captain at the tender age of 22.

Piloting the fishing vessel Northwestern, Sig has been joined by his brother Edgar at points, and his adoptive daughter Mandy has taken the role of relief captain on the very same ship. In an interview with We Are The Mighty, Sig was asked how his father prepared him for his future, and what he is doing to prepare his own daughter, to which he replied, "Well, the way I prepare my daughter is the complete opposite of the way I was prepared by my father. That's apples and oranges. When I was a kid, the first time I was on a crab boat, I was 12 years old. Every summer from there I would participate by fishing for Blue King Crab, Gold Fin Salmon."

He continued, "In the Bering Sea, or if we went to Norway as a family, I would have a job over there to fish for cod, or mackerel, or herring. I was always busy in the summer. Mandy, chip off the ol' block, when she was 13 she participated in what is called salmon tendering season." However, it seems that some fans have noticed some common ground for both Sig and his brother Edgar, but what could it be?

Fans noticed that Sig and Edgar sound the same

Taking to the "Deadliest Catch" subreddit, Reddit user A_Very_Fat_Elf started a conversation by asking if anybody else noticed how similar Sig and Edgar sound to each other, and noted that they had this realization when Edgar became temporary captain of the Hansen fishing vessel. Others came to this same observation, with one commenter replying, "Duelling lifetimes of screaming and cigarettes will do that to you," and another added, "I think their voices are similar. Easier to tell them apart by what they're saying than by their voices – lol."

Redditor trash332 joked that if the Hansen brothers would cut their hair the same way, they would have a hard time telling them apart. Another commenter also believed that the two Hansen brothers sound the same, and stated, "I sound extremely similar to my 3yr younger brother, on the phone almost identical. Sig and Edgar even have the same 'smokers laugh'. What happened to Edgar, did his back and pain pills finally catch up with him?"

According to the website Self Growth, there are three factors that influence how an individual may sound — genetics, environment, and upbringing. Considering that the Hansen family shares genetic similarities, were raised in the same environment, and have the same parents, it appears that the siblings meet all three criterion, and this is why they sound so similar. This fact is not lost on the biggest fans of "Deadliest Catch," and the power of nature and nurture is on full display in the voices of the Hansens.