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The Westworld Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Bring yourself back online for "Westworld," Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan's epic sci-fi philosophy show. Bouncing back and forth between multiple timelines beginning in 2012 and extending to 2053 so far, the HBO hit follows self-aware androids and real people who test the limits of humanity. Westworld is just one of several premier theme parks where the rich and sadistic can live out their wildest, anything-goes fantasies on androids called Hosts. As the story has unfolded, we've learned that the parks are also elaborate surveillance systems and blackmail-gathering sites where nothing that happens between human and Host is private.

By Season 3 we know that what goes on in Westworld, Shogunworld, Warwold, Fantasyworld, and The Raj gets used for social control, all on account of the technology that makes the park's Hosts possible. This is definitely a show that requires more than one viewing per episode in order to put all the moving pieces together, especially when it comes to the enigmatic Maze that seems to jumpstart consciousness in supposedly synthetic humanoids as they clash with humans. We've met a range of fascinating characters so far, but which one are you? Here's the "Westworld" character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries — Akecheta

While Aries might be known for picking up new hobbies and discarding them almost as quickly, the same cannot be said about their relationships with other people. Aries are as fiercely loyal as they are combative, and they will do anything for the people they love, including self-sacrifice if necessary. "Westworld" features an imaginary Indigenous tribe called the Ghost Nation, modeled after the Lakota, Apache, and other Native nations. In one extraordinary episode titled "Kiksuya" — told almost entirely in the Lakota language — we meet the warrior-leader Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) and see the history of the Delos Parks through his eyes as a Host.

Akecheta is one of the first Hosts to gain self-sentience, which is fitting for an Aries, who tend to be trailblazers and trendsetters thanks to their intrepid personalities and general fearlessness. We see his Aries fighting spirit take many forms as the Park administrators mess with his code. And the name Akecheta even means "warrior" in Lakota. But one thing they cannot do is erase his connection to his soulmate Kohana (Julia Jones). Akecheta is killed over and over again in his search to be reunited with the only woman he will ever love. Unless you betray them, an Aries is a ride or die — and in Akecheta's case, we mean that quite literally.

Taurus — Bernard Lowe

Taureans are an affable and friendly bunch who are known for their good natures and equally attractive looks. Like their Aries cousins, they are loyal almost to a fault, but they are much more discerning than a leap-before-you-look Aries, choosing carefully before deciding to commit to someone. As a stealth Host, Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) checks many Taurus boxes with his helpfulness, consideration of others, and his general willingness to go the extra mile to assist someone with a problem.

Bernard also demonstrates a Taurus temper to a tee, even before he's made aware of his status as a synthetic being. A Taurus is hardheaded and it takes a lot for them to get angry, but if you push the wrong buttons for too long — almost literally in Bernard's case — a Taurus will explode in a bout of rage that takes no prisoners. We only see this side of Bernard occasionally, but it's more than enough to demonstrate that while a Taurus might be surface friendly, you should never underestimate or cross them unless you're ready to pay a significant price. Based on the original park founder, Bernard's initial purpose was to simply support park director Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). This changes when Bernard's self-awareness is triggered, yet he continues to manifest Taurus tendencies.

Gemini — William/The Man in Black

Represented by the twins, Gemini is a sign that struggles with its duality on multiple levels, encapsulated in the dark and twisted journey of William (Jimmi Simpson) to sadistic torturer the Man in Black (Ed Harris). This is a zodiac sign shaped by extremes, and both William and his alter ego fit the bill. Geminis live with an innate struggle to reconcile their emotions and their intellect, often preferring to intellectualize their feelings rather than experience them. We see this in William and the Man in Black over and over again, even when we find out that at some point in the narrative William has transcended human form into Host form.

But William/the Man in Black wouldn't be a Host embodying fidelity without these character traits following him into Host form, where his need to keep moving has him literally walking all over Delos Parks in search of answers he already has if only he'd turn inward to access them. Because of their verbal and intellectual prowess, Geminis make great salespeople, a talent William capitalizes on to make the Delos Parks the go-to destination they were for decades until Dolores' (Evan Rachel Wood) bloody mutiny. An afflicted Gemini's verbal abilities can become distorted, turning them into exceptional cheats and baldfaced liars, qualities that end up defining William in every form he eventually takes.

Cancer — Teddy Flood

A crab carries its home on its back, and a Cancer tends to do the same thing, being a self-contained personality that moves along with the tides. But when it comes to people, Cancers have an overwhelming desire to find a permanent home where they can settle down into life with a family. As the requisite prince to the initial damsel in distress, Teddy Flood (James Marsden) is 100% committed to Dolores, even when his core code eventually doesn't require it. All he wants is their farm, a beautiful view, and to live a quiet, peaceful life in the wide-open spaces of Westworld.

Tragically for Teddy, this Cancer dream is one he ends up living on his own when Dolores rescues all the Hosts' consciousnesses from the Delos mainframe into their own nirvana of the Valley Beyond. But not before killing himself to prove to Dolores that his vision of their future was, in fact, worth dying for. Cancers are marked by their sensitivity and heightened empathy for others' pain, something we see over and over in Teddy, especially as he's forced to witness the repeated brutalization of his love Dolores. When afflicted, Cancers can become emotionally hardened and cold, which we see in Teddy when he's required to act only as a killer.

Leo — Maeve Millay

With their wild mane of impressive hair like a lion, a Leo commands attention the moment they walk into a room. Natural-born leaders, Leos are charismatic and often have above-average oratory skills, which usually means they amass followers. If they aren't already in the spotlight, a Leo will seek it out or create one with their own inner light. As the madam of the Mariposa, Host Maeve ensures that her human patrons get everything they desire, even if it means her girls — or she herself— paying a price. After all, Leos have people-pleasing tendencies that are often magnified as they desire to maintain control and their public appearance.

Even as a Host before her consciousness wakes up, Maeve has the Leo individualism that encourages people to be whatever they want so long as they continue to look up to them as the beacon example of living for yourself. But once Maeve wakes up, her Leo qualities magnify, and her leadership focus shifts from the Mariposa to finding her daughter. Once Maeve sees this through to its natural conclusion, getting her child safely to the Valley Beyond, she turns her Leo power toward the next project — becoming a veritable general for liberation outside the park.

Virgo — Dr. Robert Ford

Virgos are highly demanding compared to other zodiac signs, namely in wanting control over their environment and doing whatever it takes to maintain the pristine state that makes them feel most safe. Dr. Robert Ford takes this Virgo energy and multiplies it exponentially in creating the Hosts and the various parks where he alone — or so he believes — has sovereignty over the events that take place within his borders. Virgos are notoriously germaphobic, and we see he has surrounded himself with androids instead of humans, not just because they are easier to dominate, but also because they do not come with the messy trappings that are human nature.

When Ford realizes that his parks are no longer his to rule thanks to the board of directors at the Delos Corporation (the financial rulers of Westworld and all the other parks), he would rather see his work destroyed than land in someone else's hands. When afflicted, Virgos feel that they alone are capable of achieving perfection. Along with their exceptional planning skills, as we see in Ford from the very beginning, Virgos are the worriers of the zodiac, which explains why Ford built failsafes into his Hosts even before his position of authority was threatened.

Libra — Ashley Stubbs

The Hosts in "Westworld" all have core drives written into their codes that propel everything they do, from how they dress to what they want from their lives. The zodiac also comes with a theoretical core code which is what we use to analyze personalities based on birth time and location. For midpoint sign Libra, their core code is one of mediator and peacemaker, fitting for park manager Ashley Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth), who is responsible for all the Hosts — inside the park. In this middleman role, Stubbs also has to make sure that the human guests are enjoying their time and take care of problem Hosts if need be.

Libras make excellent diplomats and lawyers, as they attempt to negotiate and maintain balance among all involved parties and try to find the best outcome for everyone involved on an equal basis. But as "Westworld" unfolds, Stubbs' core code to protect the hosts and keep peace comes into direct conflict with both humans and Hosts outside the park — as well as himself when he finally bootstraps into his own consciousness, realizing he's a Host too. While his code gets altered by Bernard to protect Bernard above all others, we see Stubbs struggle to adjust to a motivation that is so single-minded rather than universal — an issue that even human Libras deal with on a regular basis.

Scorpio — Charlotte Hale

Scorpios have an innate magnetism and sexual charisma that fills a room the moment they walk in. For many, Scorpio is the love-to-hate sign of the zodiac, with an intense, big personality that attracts while simultaneously repelling. As the executive director of the Delos Destinations board, Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) seems positioned as the villain of many "Westworld" narratives at first, both in and outside of the park. With an abundance of energy and emotional connection to the job, Hale channels her Scorpio energy into a position of extreme and concentrated power — at the expense of her family — which backfires when Dolores replaces her with a clone bot in order to reorganize the company for the benefit of all.

The Scorpio drive to rule positions Hale perfectly for this kind of takeover. But all of Hale's human personality isn't lost in her transformation from human to Dolores robot hybrid: Scorpio rivals Aries in their ability to hold a grudge, and this aspect of Charlotte Hale has only been heightened in her android form. She even leaves her scarred flesh intact after an assassination attempt to remind her of all the vengeance in the works. We have the very definition of the beautiful and deadly scorpion in Hale-Bot, the full depth of which has yet to be revealed.

Sagittarius — Lee Sizemore

Represented by the hunter, Sagittarius is a restless sign that is always on the lookout for the next thing in life. In the case of Delos Destinations writer Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), we see the shades of a thwarted Sagittarius. Sizemore has big ideas and dreams for new forms of storytelling in the parks, but he isn't given the free reign a Sagittarius like him needs in order to feel fulfilled and creatively expansive.

There's also a daredevil streak in Sagittarius that urges them to push people's buttons — especially when it might be dangerous — and working with Delos ticks that box for Sizemore. As the Delos paycheck is just too good, Sizemore throws adult temper tantrums in protest of the stifling conditions in the hopes that this will help improve his situation. Spoiler alert: It doesn't. If there hadn't been a Host takeover at Westworld, Sizemore would almost certainly have been fired. This is a conclusion that an afflicted Sagittarius might actually welcome under normal circumstances, since it frees them to move onto other things without guilt.

Capricorn — Clementine Pennyfeather

As her arc progresses, our darling Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan) becomes anything but, owing to her particular brand of Capricorn energy. Capricorn's symbolic animal is the hardy sea goat, a creature that can swim and scale a 90-degree rock face with equal ease. Like its representative goat, Capricorn is a zodiac sign that takes a hit and bounces back, even if it might take a minute or two.

While many of the Hosts in "Westworld" get reprogrammed for different means and ends, Clementine's narrative is one of the more disturbing, especially when Delos removes the empathy and compassion from her programming to create a single-minded murder-bot that dispatches fellow Hosts with cold ease. But before this, Clementine's core code includes saving up her money from her sex work at the Mariposa to send back home to her family, and she has big dreams about a future far away from the inn and its violent customers. Capricorns are planners, and Clementine ends up fulfilling this aspect of her sign — not necessarily for her own ends, but for a plethora of others.

Aquarius — Dolores Abernathy

While Dolores Abernathy's single-minded and often brutal focus on revenge should situate her in straightforward Aries territory, this ignores the Aquarius majority of Dolores' core code. Known as the humanistic sign, Aquarius might not be a fan of humans on personal or individual levels, but an Aquarius still often makes their choices for the benefit of all humanity. When Arnold realized his robot creations would be a devil's trap for the worst aspects of humans (especially the rich folks they would be geared toward), he programmed Dolores to destroy all the Hosts and kill Arnold before self-destructing herself.

Ignoring Arnold's wishes, Ford painstakingly reconstructs all of Arnold's work, believing he could still maintain control. When he realizes his time in charge of the park is over, he goes ahead and sets a new self-destruct code for Dolores, with the end goal of not just eradicating the parks, but also infiltrating the outside world and shattering its social control systems. In true Aquarius fashion, Dolores knows she will be a casualty in Ford's longer-term plan, and she goes through with it even though she easily could have altered the future to benefit herself. She sacrifices herself for the good of all, confirming that revenge was only her side narrative.

Pisces — Caleb Nichols

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces becomes the repository for all of the collective wisdom from the entire zodiac, creating a sensitive, empathetic, and kindhearted personality. But even as this sign is a veritable poet of the zodiac, Pisces often emotionally struggle as they absorb all the energies around them and have a hard time identifying which feelings are theirs and which belong to others. In the case of Caleb Nichols (Aaron Paul), a key "Westworld" character introduced in the third season, he literally has the voice of his dead friend Francis (Scott Mescudi) in his ear, confusing and gaslighting him until he meets Dolores and the bigger picture of his involvement becomes clear.

Unlike many of his military peers, Caleb doesn't get off on violence for the sake of it, even if it's on robots. One of Caleb's most Pisces moments is when he is in a Delos military training facility, overseeing a group of lifelike, android women prisoners. His colleagues are gearing up to take advantage of the situation. Caleb stops his colleagues and watches over the women that night, recognizing the humanity in them even though, technically, none of them are flesh and blood. Pisces has a deep well of empathy that extends far beyond that possessed by most humans, and it's this quality that marks Caleb as a leader in the new world Dolores has left in her wake.