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Watch Jeff Goldblum Ponder The Meaning Of Thor: Ragnarok

It's official: Jeff Goldblum makes everything better.

To promote the upcoming release of Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel asked fans on Twitter to guess the meaning of the word "Ragnarok." Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, and director Taika Waititi then read some of the answers, which range from mildly realistic to completely absurd. However, it's Jeff Goldblum who wins by being inherently Jeff Goldblum. 

In the movie, Goldblum plays the Grandmaster, an alien who runs cruel gladiatorial games for the pleasure of his people. But in these clips, he demonstrates that he's perhaps even more interesting of a character in real life. Instead of just reading the fan responses, he adds his own commentary and goes on myriad tangents, doing an impression of Marlon Brando and an electric guitar in the process. 

For the record, "Ragnarok" is actually the Norse version of the apocalypse. 

You can check out the other videos on the Marvel Studios Twitter, but we collected Goldblum's contributions below. Thor: Ragnarok will thunder into theaters on Nov. 3.