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The Boys' Tomer Capone's Audition Rehearsal Almost Got Him Arrested

The Amazon Prime Video adaptation of "The Boys" comic series has become nothing short of a television phenomenon. Despite its penchant for vulgarity and brutal violence, many fans of the superhero genre, as well as those who are tired of its numerous tropes, have come to adore it for one reason or another. While many of them — the members of the Seven in particular — have proven difficult to like, one can't help but root for some of the "Boys" characters. They're imperfect, but the members of the titular vigilante team are especially worth getting behind.

Among the likes of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) is Serge, better known as Frenchie. He may have aligned with the Boys to stop the Seven, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily a great person. He's done a lot of morally incorrect things and shed a lot of blood in his day, but he doesn't want those heinous actions to define him. He seeks redemption from his past mistakes and wants to reconnect with his more human side — something that his bond with Kimiko Miyashiro (Karen Fukuhara) has shown him isn't entirely impossible.

Since Season 1, actor Tomer Capone has brought Frenchie to life and made him a compelling character. However, his early experiences with the role and "The Boys" at large didn't go very well. In fact, he nearly wound up arrested. Here's why.

A prop gun and pretend argument landed Capone in hot water with the police

In June of 2022, shortly after "The Boys" Season 3 dropped on Amazon Prime Video, Tomer Capone sat down with TheWrap to discuss the streaming hit. During the conversation, he told the tale of how a prop gun and pretend argument almost amounted to his arrest. As he explains, when it came time to audition for the role of Frenchie, he put together his tape in a friend's backyard. The scene in question saw Frenchie argue with Billy Butcher about Translucent (as played on "The Boys" by Alex Hassell) while waving around a firearm. Naturally, that image concerned the neighbors.

"When in the midst of, I think, the second or third take, a group of undercover police with their badges [are] coming into her yard with real guns drawn at us like, 'Throw the gun down,'" Capone recalled to the publication, noting that he was understandably distressed over it at the time. Thankfully, he made it out of the situation unscathed since one of the cops recognized him from his work on "Fauda" as Boaz. As we know now, the tense confrontation wasn't for nothing, seeing as he landed the Frenchie role thereafter, allowing him to do action, drama, and musical work all in one series.

Bearing in mind what Tomer Capone went through to become the Frenchie we all know and love, let's hope he's able to continue playing the character on "The Boys" for years to come.