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Darth Vader's Pruny Face Finally Explained

Sure, Darth Vader might be known as one of the worst fathers in cinematic history, but there's so much more to this masked menace: he also had a terrible childhood and is an extraordinarily damaged weirdo who just happens to be covered in burns. Introduced in the original "Star Wars" trilogy, Darth Vader, who began his life as young Anakin Skywalker — whose trajectory from young pilot to tyrant who can Force-choke people is chronicled in the "Star Wars" prequels — is an infamous movie villain, but if you really think about it, his life is pretty messed up.

Consider this: Vader, nee Anakin, was born to a woman forced into servitude, gets involved with the Jedis as a child and with little choice in the matter, and meets his future wife Padme, who we all know is heading towards a pretty nasty ending. After losing his arm and knocking up Padme, Anakin gets swindled into attacking the Jedis and ends up fighting his mentor Obi-Wan, and from there, he just becomes the deep-voiced absent father we all know and love. Thankfully, Okay, So Basically is here to help you out with the mere concept of Darth Vader throughout the entire "Star Wars" series to date, and you can check it out on either SnapChat or YouTube.

Okay, So Basically is on YouTube and SnapChat if you have questions about Vader, his mentor Obi-Wan, or really any other number of pop culture icons. As for Vader himself, the "Star Wars" films and "Obi-Wan Kenobi," where he makes an appearance, are all on Disney+ now.