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The Ned Detail That Has The Simpsons Fans Scratching Their Heads

Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Continuity is critical for any TV show. After all, you don't want something drastically different happening from one episode to the next. Hence, writers and directors work tirelessly to bridge the gap between what we know and what we've come to expect. But even the greats make an error every once in a while, and if fans remain vigilant enough, they'll pick up on a mistake and have no problem letting everyone else know. 

"The Simpsons" isn't immune to this. Heck, after 33 seasons, it's pretty tough to keep track of every little detail that's happened on the show throughout its run. But there's one detail that seemingly went off to the wayside for a bit that we're surprised someone didn't catch. After all, Ned Flanders has been left-handed since the show's early days, so it's awfully strange to see him doing something with his right hand, right?

Why does Ned hold the firearm right-handed?

In "The Simpsons" Season 5, Episode 16, "Homer Loves Flanders," Homer Simpson and Ned Flanders become best friends. This quickly becomes too much for Ned as Homer becomes suffocating with his compassion, to the point where Ned has a dream of killing a bunch of people because he believes they're all Homer Simpson, in a parody sequence to 1975's "The Deadly Tower." However, one eagle-eyed viewer found something was amiss regarding the scene.

Redditor u/Bob_ombGamingYT showcased a screenshot of the moment as well as the following question: "Anyone notice in this scene ned holds the gun right handed?" In the scene, it's clear as day that Ned's holding the firearm the wrong way, but a lot of people were quick to offer explanations for why that might be the case. For starters, it's important to point out that this is a dream sequence, not real life. But even disregarding that, there are other reasons why Ned might hold the gun that way. One user wrote, "Can only fire most rifles right handed or you end up with brass burn up your arm from the ejected cartridges."

Meanwhile, u/therealbighairy offers this explanation, "Maybe, and I'm being serious here, his right eye is dominant? It's actually possible. I'm right handed, but left eye dominant." This isn't the first time fans have caught ol' Neddy using the wrong hand. Twitter account @iresimpsonsfans pointed to several instances where Ned uses his right hand to do everything from writing a letter to playing the guitar. Then again, it's always good to remember that this is a cartoon, and cartoons don't always have to be 100% realistic.