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Is Darth Vader Hidden In The New Last Jedi Poster?

Before the new, explosive trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was even finished, fans were already digging into the footage for hidden secrets, searching for deliverance in the wrinkles in Luke Hamill's face.

The trailer gives audiences so much to play around with. New creatures! Phasma actually doing something! Finn's still walking around! The most thought-provoking reveal, however, may not have been in the trailer at all.

Shortly prior to the release of the new trailer, a gorgeous new poster for the movie was released, a majesty in red, white, and black.Some perceptive readers spent the time between the release of the poster and the trailer really digging into every pixel of the one-sheet, and what they found... may shock you.

One Instagram user by the name of Bosslogic, in the middle of a doubtlessly sleepless night, graphically enhanced the image of the poster, not zooming into it up close, but regarding it at a distance before an epiphany struck, and the image was flipped... appearing to reveal the visage of Darth Vader himself, a terror in dark plastic. 

Is it a stretch? Maybe! The human eye evolved to recognize patterns, whether they're really there or not. The human brain also fears predators—some people are probably out there seeing Darth Vader in a side of toast. But it's a cool thing to think about, especially as Vader's presence will clearly continue to loom large in this particular Star Wars story. And if you don't know what we mean by that, watch the trailer already!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be out on December 15, 2017. Check out the fan image below.

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