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The Dwight And Angela Clue You Likely Missed In The Office's First Episode

When it comes to romances on "The Office," most people probably immediately think of Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer). However, there's another duo that was seemingly destined to wind up together — Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsey). 

The audience first learns of their relationship in the show's second season, and the two go to great lengths to hide their romance. They eventually break up, with Angela soon entering a relationship with Andy (Ed Helms). Throughout their relationship and engagement, Angela continues to see Dwight behind Andy's back, leading to an all-out confrontation between the two men. 

The two go from hot to cold across the remainder of the series, but it remains an ever-important plot point. The series finale even features the two of them finally tying the knot. It's clear Jim and Pam weren't the only ones destined to be together, and if you paid attention to the show's pilot episode, you would've noticed the hint that suggested Dwight and Angela were also meant to fall in love.

Dwight and Angela like the same Christmas carol

In Season 3's "A Benihana Christmas," Angels gets into a tiff with some of the other party planners, and as a result, two separate Christmas parties break out. Pam and Karen (Rashida Jones) decide to be the bigger people and call for a truce, inviting Angela to merge the two parties. Angela gets in on the fun a little later, using the karaoke machine to sing "Little Drummer Boy" for all to hear. 

It's not the first time the tune's been sung on the show. If you paid attention during the pilot episode, you might have noticed a scene where Dwight unpacks his desk while singing "Little Drummer Boy," complete with an obnoxious drum solo after every verse. Upon first watch, it may seem like a way to show how annoying Dwight can be to Jim. But after seeing the entire series, it's rather odd that the two of them like the same Christmas carol. 

It's almost as though the two of them have more in common than they want to let on. They're perfect for each other in their own strange way.