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Enter The World Of Stephen King's Castle Rock With New Teaser

The first teaser for Stephen King's upcoming Hulu series Castle Rock is here, and it is creepy. Hulu released a brief glimpse at the show at New York Comic-Con, demonstrating how it will intertwine the many worlds presented in King's novels and short stories for what seems like it will be an epic tale.

Castle Rock, a 10-episode psychological thriller, will be an anthology-type show that follows different sets of characters from King's novels each season, while still bringing in characters and themes from past seasons. The series will revolve around Castle Rock, the fictional Maine town featured in King stories like The Body, Cujo, It, and The Dead Zone

The teaser goes mostly wordless, focusing on introducing the normal and not so normal features at the center of the creepy town it will inhabit. It also shows off the return of quite a few King favorites including Carrie's Sissy Spacek and It's Bill Skarsgard. "You have no idea what's happening here, do you?" a voiceover concludes, before teasing to the Shawshank Department of Corrections.

Moonlight's Andre Holland is set to lead Castle Rock as Henry, a death row attorney with a unique and complicated history. In addition to Holland, Spacek, and Skarsgard, the series also stars Melanie Lynskey, Jane Levy, and Scott Glenn. Castle Rock is executive produced by J.J. Abrams as part of his Bad Robot Productions.

Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason (Manhattan) will write and executive produce Castle Rock, while American Horror Story's Michael Uppendahl directs the pilot. Bad Robot's Ben Stephenson (Glare) and Liz Glotzer (The Shawshank Redemption) join Abrams as executive producers. The show will debut in 2018.