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Gal Gadot Returns To Themyscira For Saturday Night Live Sketch

Gal Gadot won't officially head back to Themyscira until this November's Justice League, but she did take a short trip back to Wonder Woman's homeland when she hosted Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The actress reprised her role as Diana Prince for the sketch, in which she comes across a couple of intruders who are definitely not Steve Trevor on her shores.

The sketch kicks off with a redo of the training scene from Wonder Woman, featuring Cecily Strong as Diana's mother Hippolyta, telling her that she does not want her to fight. "We must be prepared mother, for Themyscira is a sanctuary of sisterhood," Diana responds. "We must know how to protect ourselves." 

The gathering is interrupted by the arrival of Kate McKinnon's Dre and Aidy Bryant' Megan, who ask for permission to dock after spending some time "floating out there watching you guys kick ass." "How did you find Themyscira?" Diana asks them. Dre responds by saying they were caught up "in some kind of vortex" while out on their boat, leading to them paddling for weeks before finally coming across land.

"We were thinking we're never gonna get home, so we started looking for more of our kind," Dre says. "And it looks like we found a whole island of us," Megan adds. They then ask for a show of hands on who here is a "les." "Is it everyone or do we have a couple of allies?" asks Dre.

Some of the warriors seem reluctant to raise their hands, although Megan and Dre are really pushing for Diana to say yes. Diana then tries to set up Megan and Dre, although they say that "it was not a fit." "We spent about a half an hour working very hard on each other and then I finally said, 'are you as miserable as I am?'" Megan says. "And I nodded," replies Dre.

"I'm sorry, you are taking this the wrong way," Diana tells them. "I mean I love all my sisters, I think their bodies are beautiful. But when I look at them, all I see is strength, power." "It's like we're in a porn, but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes," Megan says.

"Will it help for me to comfort you?" Diana says. "For we are all sisters." She then lays their heads on her chest, and ultimately she decides that she wants to kiss one of the two to see if she feels anything. Although they hedge at first, Diana ends up planting one on Dre. "I'm sorry, I feel nothing," she says afterwards, and Dre and Megan depart for the island of Lesbos. 

Gadot can next be seen playing Diana on the big screen in Justice League, which hits theaters on Nov. 17.