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Pixar's Lightyear Has More Post-Credits Scenes Than You Think

Contains spoilers for Pixar's "Lightyear"

Audiences can finally experience what Andy from "Toy Story" felt all those years ago when he so desperately wanted a Buzz Lightyear action figure. "Lightyear" is the movie within a movie that depicts the story of Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans), a space ranger who makes a terrible mistake and spends many years trying to rectify it. Along the way, viewers have some laughs and feel for Buzz's plight, but you won't want to get out of your seat right away right when the credits start to roll. 

By the movie's end, Buzz has come to accept that the people he loved managed to live full lives on the planet they were stranded on. And he gets the chance to be a space ranger once again with his loyal crew members and friends he made throughout his journey. We see Buzz blasting off to infinity and beyond once again before the credits start to roll, but whether you're looking for a laugh or want a glimpse into the potential future of this franchise, here's what to expect going into the three separate post-credits scenes.

The first two post-credits scenes should make you chuckle

First up, there's a mid-credits scene that starts with Commander Burnside (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) in his office. Through the window, we see the laser shield he established over the city earlier in the movie. One of the bugs native to the planet flies along and gets zapped by the shield, causing Burnside to laugh to himself and comment on the effectiveness of his idea to surround the city with the protective device. 

It's a fun callback to a concept introduced earlier in the film, and more Isiah Whitlock Jr. is always a good thing. But that's not the end of the good times. There's also a post-credits scene that pops up later. 

This joke is another callback, but this time to the robot that was originally part of Izzy's (Keke Palmer) crew. Earlier in the movie, we see this robot trying to give directions to Buzz and the other humans about the best path to take to help them along their journey. However, this robot keeps getting distracted, offering alternate routes along the way. As we see in the post-credits scene, this robot has remained in its spot throughout the adventure and has only just now completed what it wanted to say. Of course, everyone is long gone by that point, so the robot's all by itself. Typically, a post-credits scene would be the end of the line, but you'll want to stay put just a bit longer until the next, more significant sequence arrives.

Zurg is still out there ...

The final post-credits scene comes at the very end of the film, making it the last thing audiences see out of Buzz Lightyear's adventure. In true blockbuster fashion, "Lightyear" has to set up prospective sequels and/or spinoffs, and it does so by letting us know that Zurg (James Brolin) is still alive.

Last we see him, Zurg had one last-ditch effort to secure the hyperspace fuel so that he could travel back in time and get his team back to what he thinks is "home." Zurg attacks Buzz's ship to secure the fuel, but Buzz escapes Zurg's clutches by shooting the fuel out of its position, causing it to explode near Zurg. One would assume that would be the end of the antagonist, but villains like Zurg are never so easy to defeat. 

As the post-post-credits scene reveals, Zurg remains floating in space, and right before cutting to black, Zurg powers back on, letting audiences know that he's still alive. Now that Buzz and his team are official space rangers, it's possible they'll run into Zurg again should the property get greenlit for a sequel.