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Batwoman's Javicia Leslie Had Big Plans For Season 4

The CW's Arrowverse — an interconnected batch of televised DC properties — was dealt a major blow. Thanks to the corporate shuffle, a number of original productions, including "Batwoman" and "Legends Of Tomorrow," were ordered to close up shop. While the news no doubt came as a crushing blow for everyone involved, it was perhaps more disastrous for "Batwoman," which barely survived to see its third and final season.

The series' original star, Ruby Rose, who portrayed Kate Kane aka Batwoman, very publicly left the project after the first season, citing a mixture of personal injuries and vague, systematic studio issues as the cause. After Rose's departure, Javicia Leslie was cast to helm the series as a new iteration of the caped crusader, which she performed to the best of her abilities as Ryan Wilder until The CW axed it prematurely. Now, in the wake of that loss, the actress has opened up about what plans she had in mind for the future of "Batwoman."

Javicia Leslie wants to explore Ryan Wilder's relationship with Sophie Moore

In an interview with Digital Spy, Javicia Leslie shared where she hoped "Batwoman" would next take her character. "Obviously, the fans would love to see more Wildmoore, which is Sophie and Ryan," said Leslie, referencing her character's romantic relationship with Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy). "I think Meagan and I would also love to continue to play that love story. We'd love to see Mary and Luke maybe spark something. I also would love to see what's going to happen with Alice. What we were blessed with was the ability to create a beautiful finale that, whether we came back or not, is very satisfying for all of us."

For those unfamiliar, Alice aka Elizabeth Marie Kane (Rachel Skarsten) was a serial killer and the estranged, fraternal twin of Kate Kane (Ruby Rose, and then later Wallis Day). The character served as both an enemy and an ally, depending on the moment. Leslie went on to praise Skarsten for her performance, and said she's done a phenomenal job "playing every part of Alice and Beth." Leslie went on to say that she was aware of the fan's desire for "Batwoman" to return and that, should it ever come to fruition, she would happily follow suit. 

Leslie's aspirations for the fourth season were probably close to the money, as showrunner Caroline Dries spoke at length with Entertainment Weekly about how much emotional energy she invested into writing the relationship between Wilder and Moore. In Dries' mind, though, the primary focus was Wilder's relationship to Gotham, which she believed was a facet in earnest need of exploration.