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Steven Soderbergh's Interactive Storytelling Project Mosaic Gets A Trailer

We finally have a glimpse at Steven Soderbergh's mysterious HBO endeavor Mosaic. The network shared a trailer for the upcoming storytelling experience on Friday, years after the Ocean's Eleven mastermind first announced he was working on it.

The story of Mosaic follows the murdered celebrity Olivia Lake, a famed children's author who goes missing after romance blossoms with a mysterious stranger. This won't be your typical murder mystery, though– through a mobile app, viewers will be able to create their own adventure as they delve into the twisty plot.

Viewers will get to choose their point-of-view and which story to follow, with each choice building on the others, enabling the story to be told in a multitude of different ways– with different conclusions. "A story that you navigate, a story that lets you go deeper, to see the bigger picture," the trailer says. "A story with multiple perspectives. And when it's all over, you'll want to look again and again and again." 

The app will be available for download in November, and viewers will have a few months to play with it and to create their own stories before Soderbergh unveils his six-part limited series of the story in January of 2018. Viewers will be able to see how their stories compare with Soderbergh's in the innovative project.

Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, Jennifer Ferrin, Devin Ratray, Michael Cerveris, James Ransone, Jeremy Bobb and Maya Kazan star in the series. Soderbergh co-wrote the project with Men in Black and Now You See Me's Ed Solomon.