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UK's Channel 4 Developing A V For Vendetta TV Series

V for Vendetta will live again on the small screen in a new adaptation from the UK's Channel 4, according to a report by Bleeding Cool.

Citing industry sources who confirm the existence of the project, the Bleeding Cool report is scarce on details regarding the principle figures pursuing the adaptation, only asserting that the property is being developed for a TV series on the network.

Written by the Wachowskis and directed by James McTeigue, V for Vendetta gained a life long beyond its runtime following its release in 2005 when iconography from the film—particularly V's iconic Guy Fawkes mask—became co-opted by a number of activist movements in the real world. 

Whether the series will have so much of a cultural impact is something of a moot point—the real question is whether or not the series will be more faithful to the graphic novel by Alan Moore from which its adapted than the movie ended up being. 

In the film, V is a force for democracy against a fascist future Britain that is extremely influenced by the politics of the American Bush administration, while the comic takes place in an alternate-1990s Britain and shows V as an amoral advocate of anarchy.

Channel 4 was also the original home for Netflix's futuristic horror series Black Mirror, and a V for Vendetta production would dovetail nicely with the current global political climate. Rebellion is a timeless thing, though, so surely there will be parallels aplenty between the real world and the on-screen story whenever V for Vendetta does return. 

We'll have more details on this project as development proceeds.