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The Game Mac White And James Gallagher Would Play While Filming Deadliest Catch

The unfortunate truth about a series like "Deadliest Catch" is that, as a fan, you need to expect a revolving door when it comes to the series' cast. Though the crab-fishing boats themselves often have little trouble withstanding the test of time, the crews of these ships tend to change dramatically between seasons. The few notable exceptions to this rule include Captain Sig Hanson (who has been around since Season 1), as well as Captains Keith Colburn, Jake Anderson, and Josh Harris, each of whom joined the series in its third season and have remained a major part of the show ever since.

Indeed, one of the newest (and most short-lived) cast members of the series is James Gallagher, a rookie engineer for the Lady Alaska who, thus far, has only been featured on Seasons 16 and 17. By contrast, veteran deckhand Mac White has managed to stick around within the series for nearly 11 years and is still going strong, whereas Gallagher appears to have moved on. Though the older deckhand and the excitable rookie may have seemed like two polar opposites to the audience, Gallagher actually revealed that the two used to play a game together whenever they were filming.

James Gallagher and Mac White would say weird things just to see if they would make it to air

During an AMA on Reddit, James Gallagher discussed some of the work that goes on behind the scenes within the series, and explained that — because there are cameras rolling 24/7 around the boat — he and Mac White would compete to see who could say the most outrageous things and get them onto television. "They have to make a one hour episode out of like 8 boats and 10k hours of footage," the engineer explained. "Mac and I always would try to see who could say the weirdest stuff and have it air."

Knowing that some of the ridiculous statements we've heard over the years may have all just been part of a contest is downright hilarious, especially when you consider that White, specifically, has potentially been doing it for over a decade. Considering just how dangerous their work is, and how serious and grim "Deadliest Catch" can be, it's nice to know that the crew still finds ways to have a little fun out in those treacherous waters — even if it's at the expense of the producers and editors.

Though it seems as though Gallagher has left the series for good, White remains on "Deadliest Catch" as a deckhand for The Saga. Perhaps the next time that the veteran fisherman says something absurd or strange to the camera, fans ought to wonder if he's simply doing it for a bit of fun.