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Star Trek: Discovery Nearly Doubles Profits For CBS All Access

Sometimes things work out when you bet it all on red.

According to a new report by Varietythe premiere episodes of Star Trek: Discovery nearly doubled the mobile subscription revenue coming in for CBS' fledgling All Access service, singlehandedly bringing in more revenue than the rest of the service's programming combined.

The now-flagship series was also responsible for growing the number of downloads of the CBS mobile app by 250%.

Many questioned the wisdom of placing such a high-profile series exclusively on a subscription service that, prior to a year ago, many people had never even heard of. The quick success of the service following the show's premiere, for now, definitely validates the move.

It remains to be seen if the numbers will hold as the show continues and viewers begin to decide whether or not they're in with the service for the long haul. If the show maintains a good level of quality for long enough, it may end up bringing even more customers over time through word of mouth.

CBS has yet to release any internal numbers on the number of people who signed up for the service, or how their membership translates into monetary gains. Still, the clear interest of the public in the network's streaming model must be sending some resonant messages through the halls of CBS right now.

We'll have more on the milestones of Star Trek: Discovery as the series continues, so check back often for more.