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Christopher Nolan Doesn't Allow These Things On Set When Filming

Sometimes, you just have to follow the rules. Christopher Nolan is one of the most celebrated filmmakers in recent memory. In a world of IPs and glossy storytelling, the British director has provided consistent results in telling stories through non-linear means and subverting expectations (via Observer). Because of his legendary exploits in Hollywood, A-list stars are constantly flocking to work with the director. Just take a look at the stacked cast for "Oppenheimer," the auteur's biopic on the Father of the Atomic Bomb.

While hardcore fans of Nolan are aware of his obsessions when it comes to preserving the theatre experience and using practical effects as much as possible, many might be surprised to know that the "Memento" helmer has extremely specific rules on set. Every director has their own list of requirements, expectations, and requests to create a certain vibe on set that caters to their needs. For example, Nolan collaborator Zack Snyder is known to promote fitness on his sets by creating a nurturing communal gym for all to join (via Men's Health).

And just like Snyder, Nolan has his own need to promote a particular vibe on set. For Nolan, efficiency and focus are of the utmost importance, which is why he doesn't allow certain daily fixtures on set.

Actors can't text or smoke cigarettes on Christopher Nolan's sets

If you happen to get some work on Christopher Nolan's sets, you'll have to follow lots of rules. Nolan made his debut with "Following" in 1998, when cellphones were still relatively expensive and not as technologically advanced (via IMDb). Since then, over 6 billion people worldwide own a smartphone (via Bank My Cell), making them a daily part of life. Despite that, Nolan isn't a fan of cellphones and has criticized their use on set. "Phones have become a huge distraction, and people work much better without them. At first, it causes difficulty, but it really allows them to concentrate on what they're doing," the director told Esquire in 2017 while promoting his war epic "Dunkirk."

Like texting on a smartphone, those who happen to be on Nolan's set won't be able to get a smoke break. After "The Dark Knight Rises" star Anne Hathaway misspoke regarding the lack of chairs available on Nolan's sets — which sparked its own unique media outcry — Nolan's spokesperson cleared the air with IndieWire. Kelly Bush Novak confirmed that chairs are allowed, but visitors won't find cigarettes on set as they've been successfully banned.

While some might find Christopher Nolan's rules a bit authoritarian, many will be surprised also to find out that the "Goodfellas” director is known to ban wristwatches on set (via Independent). "Reservoir Dogs" helmer Quentin Tarantino is prone to firing those who have their cellphones out (via The Rich Elsen Show). Clearly, some of our best working modern-day directors have their strict rules. However, if it means great films, then we're all for it.