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New Silent Hill Movie Coming Sooner Than You Think

For many horror video game fans, the "Silent Hill" franchise is considered among the best of the best. Set in an eerie lakeside vacation town that is shrouded in fog, filled with ghastly monsters, and connected to a demonic realm that regularly bleeds over into our reality, the games are known for their strong horror ambiance and intense psychological terror. In 2006, director Christophe Gans attempted to translate that terror to the big screen with his live-action adaptation, appropriately titled "Silent Hill." 

While the characters introduced in the movie were unique to the franchise, the story, themes, and setting were true to the games. Still, both critics and audiences had a decidedly mixed reaction to the film, and when a sequel — "Silent Hill: Revelation" — finally followed in 2012, it fared even worse. But even those fans of the games who weren't satisfied with the movies have no doubt been curious about where else the film franchise might have gone. It looks like they may soon find out. 

Back in 2020, Gans revealed to French film publication Allocine (via Rely on Horror) that he was developing an idea for a new film in the series. And now, Gans has given even more insight into this project, and it seems that it may be happening sooner than you think.

A new Silent Hill film could be coming as soon as 2023

Horror fans may have another film to look forward to in the coming year. In an interview with French magazine Jeuxvideo (translated via Comicbook.com), "Silent Hill" director Christophe Gans said we can expect to see the next adaptation of the game franchise in 2023, and it's going to be a "Silent Hill" that fits the times. "I worked on a new 'Silent Hill' which is a 'Silent Hill' of the year 2023 since the film would be released next year, in 2023, and not a 'Silent Hill' as I imagined it in 2006," said Gans. "It is a 'Silent Hill' for today's audiences while being ultra respectful of the saga." Additionally, Gans ensured that the new film will have a stand-alone story, which is no doubt good news for those fans of the games who didn't love the direction of the previous movie adaptations.

With a new film in the works, the "Silent Hill" franchise as a whole could be on its way to a major comeback, especially in light of recent rumors. In 2020, an insider leaked that "Silent Hill" developers Konami are allegedly working on two new games in the franchise (via Eurogamer). Then, in May 2022, another leak revealed what appeared to be landscape images from a new "Silent Hill" game, but they were quickly deleted, per IGN

We will have to wait and see how many of these teases and leaks actually come to fruition, but with all the buzz surrounding the franchise at the moment, fans of "Silent Hill" are no doubt feeling excited.