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Shameless Season 8 Trailer Sees The Gallaghers Finding Religion

Finish your beers and snub your joints out—it's about to get a lot more devout on the south side of Chicago.

Eight seasons on, Showtime's Shameless remains one of the network's strongest shows, as everyone's favorite white-trash family, the Gallaghers, struggles to just keep it together for one more year.

The trailer shows things looking up for our favorite family of hoodlums and miscreants, with a renewed Frank on a quest to find religion and get some meaning in his life in the wake of the devastating losses of previous seasons. 

Meanwhile, Fiona is trying to shore up her own finances in a new role as an apartment landlord, and being on the other side of the power dynamic for once doesn't look like it's making anything easier for her. 

The cast will be joined by a couple of new players, including Irish actor Richard Flood as Ford, a freelance war photographer who will presumably become another one in the long line of Fiona's perpetually problematic boyfriends. Also featuring will be Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl, taking on the role of Nessa, a lesbian resident of Fiona's building whom she befriends over the course of the season.

Overall, the trailer has the sort of sunny tone that makes it look like this might finally be the year the Gallaghers figure it out. Isn't this how it always goes, though? An optimistic summer, then a long, cold winter?

Shameless returns on Sunday, November 5. Check out the glorious new poster for the season below, and check back here for more news on this and all the other Showtime series as news develops.