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The New Bullet Train Trailer Has Action Fans All Saying The Same Thing

In the latest trailer for the upcoming flick "Bullet Train," bombastic action abounds. Starring Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Bad Bunny, and Joey King, "Bullet Train" is made by the same twisted minds that brought us "Deadpool 2." Even more exciting, this is the second time Bullock and Pitt have teamed up on the big screen this year. Knowing that helps to establish the kind of insanity one might expect from "Bullet Train," and even the set pieces in this brand new trailer highlight choreographed fights, snappy dialogue, and a highly stylized aesthetic.

An assassin with a new moniker, Ladybug (Pitt), considers himself unlucky in the official trailer for "Bullet Train," and he claims to his handler (Bullock) that even when he isn't trying to kill people, they still die. Tasked with obtaining a mysterious briefcase, Ladybug finds himself caught up with several other assassins and one of the world's largest criminal organizations -– or at least that is what one can glean from the sneak peek. As such, many people have taken to varying forms of social media outlets to express their concerns following the release of this brand new trailer for "Bullet Train," and there seem to be some recurring trends.

Fans are excited for Bullet Train, but some think the trailer is too spoiler-y

Taking to both Twitter and Reddit, it appears as if there are two different schools of thought when it comes to the second trailer for "Bullet Train." Converging on the subreddit r/movies, many fans echoed the same opinion, with u/MoonMan997 saying, "When you're in a 'put the final scene of your movie in the trailer' battle, and your opponent is Sony Pictures." Redditor u/dabocx added, "If you have any interest in this film, I wouldn't watch this trailer. It shows too much." U/Celestin_Sky joked that it was a good movie, though two minutes seems a little short, highlighting the fact that they no longer feel the need to watch the actual movie because the trailer has spoiled so much. Other Reddit denizens agreed, with u/Peanlocket, u/Wiitard, and u/ThisIsTheNewSleeve expressing different versions of the same sentiment: This new trailer treads deeply into spoiler territory, and that they don't feel compelled to watch the upcoming film.

However, not all thoughts regarding this new trailer for "Bullet Train" are negative. Several fans on Twitter expressed a far more positive outlook on the latest preview. Twitter user @nerrety tweeted, "It looks like a lot of fun. Brad Pitt has a great screen presence." @Marck1M agreed and said, "This trailer is a very good [sic], and Brad Pitt is a legend." Other fans used the word "excited" to describe their response to this new trailer, like @mikefpringle, @natashahipp, and @MatthewTwihard. Upon closer analysis of all the social media reactions, it seems like people are enthusiastic about "Bullet Train" -– the only difference is that one group of people think that too much has been spoiled, while the other can't wait to see how the story plays out.