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Full-Length Trailer For Hulu's Prey Leaves Predator Fans Stunned

Something has made its way out from beyond the trees in the form of a brand-new glimpse of "the "Predator" prequel, "Prey." Set long before Arnold Schwarzenegger avoided being added to an alien trophy cabinet in 1987 in John McTiernan's sci-fi action classic, the new installment from Dan Trachtenberg follows a Comanche warrior facing off against the iconic space hunter. Amber Midthunder plays the brave hero of the film, Naru, set on protecting her tribe against an enemy far more advanced than them while confronting what looks to be the first settlers to have invaded the land.

The most exciting thing about the new preview is the massive effort to avoid putting the Predator on full display. Seen for the most part in its infamous camouflage mode, the best glimpse of the hunter shows it hidden behind a shield and wearing what looks to be a helmet made of bone, fitting perfectly with the film's period setting and its place in the universe's timeline. Put that all together, and fans are already voicing high hopes that the new movie could finally redeem the "Predator" franchise from what came before.

Fans are blown away by how good Prey looks

After Shane Black's hugely disappointing 2018 film in the franchise, "The Predator," fans could be forgiven for being uneasy about the news of a new installment. However, from the YouTube comments alone, it's safe to say that the director behind "10 Cloverfield Lane" may have tracked down a road to redemption. MicahDarkFantasy said, "I think this looks VERY intriguing and pretty refreshing. Hopefully this will be better than 'The Predator.'" Some were even more shocked at what was on show, with Sungazer admitting, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I might actually want to see a 'Predator' movie."

Interestingly, given the era "Prey" is set in, fans are already attempting to find connections to other films in the series, with Campbellzilla theorizing, "Maybe this will show the origin of the flintlock pistol the Elder Predator gave to Harrigan at the end of 'Predator 2.'" The moment in question refers to the finale of the 1990 film, when Danny Glover's character finally beats the alien hunter of that film, only to be given a trophy weapon revealing just how long the Predator race had been visiting Earth. Could "Prey" chronicle the first trip to our lonely little drop in space? Might we finally have answers to questions fans have been asking for 35 years? Find out when the hunt begins on Hulu on August 5.